Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Riya and Prachi decides to call each other

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Episode begins with Prachi says I am lovable because she loves me and she made me like this. Prachi is trying to contact Pragya. Ranbir thinks what Riya have done to Pragya that she is loving a person who tries to kill her own daughter.

He thinks that he needs to know what happened. Riya thinks all I have to do is to wish Prachi for diwali.She tries to call her but is not able to do it due to network. Abhi and Pragya are waiting for Prachi and Riya are going to stay together and Abhi gets excited that they are going to stay together finally. Pragya asks him to stay away atleast in front of the kids.

 Abhi says we are not because of them but they are because of us. However, the kids should know that we are this much lovable and sweet. Pragya gets happy and Abhi says this is our destiny and our connection that we keep getting together always by any means. Pragya says this is called “Kumkum Bhagya” You are in my destiny and I am in your destiny. Both of them gets happy and left from there.

Pallavi is getting worried after not seeing Ranvir in the room and she is getting worried for him. Harsh comes and says to her  that I always felt that you live for Ranvir only. You get happy for him and sad for his sadness. Basically she is living for her happiness. She says yes basically Ranvir happiness is my top priority. She says I have no problem with his love and my blessings are with him. She says to her husband that I am with Ranvir and his happiness is my top priority. She calls Ranvir and calls him for the diwali celebrations.

Later on Prachi calls Riya for wishing diwali but Riya couldn’t attend the call due to the outside noise coming from the Hall. Manoroma is asking Riya to go and hide inside the room but she thinks Aliya must have done something wrong to Pragya and she gets worried for her. Riya decided to come down and check herself. The other side Prachi thinks Riya doesn’t like her and she purposely cuts her call and if she will asks the Riya will lie. She thinks Riya can never change in life.

Later, All are coming down to see all are shouting and behaving as if there is a huge thing is going on in the house. Abhi and Pragya also comes down and asks all what happened. Abhi asks Aliya and others that why they are closing the main door while Riya asks about Pragya and Pragya comes and Riya runs to her and says I am all fine but what happened.

Aliya says that the watchmen in our parking area informed that police is coming in our house. They couldn’t understand what exactly happened that police is coming there. Pragya asks but why they are coming and why we are being serious about it? We are not at fault so there is no point of getting scared at all. Policemen came and knocks at the door and Pragya goes to open it. Police came inside and asks who is Riya Mehra here? Pragya asks what you have to do with Riya and she gets scared.

Abhi also couldn’t understand why they want to arrest Riya? They said there is a complaint against her for attempt to murder that she tried to kill Prachi. Abhi says Prachi is also my daughter and why one sister will try to kill other? Police says we are neither your lawyer nor your judge so whatever you have to say, do it after coming to police station while Riya gets scared.

 A lady constable comes inside and says we got a complaint from Pragya Mehra against Riya about attempt to murder on Prachi. Riya who is hiding behind Pragya leaves her hand. Aliya blames her while the lady police shows Abhi the arrest warrant.

He tries to call the commissioner but due to he being at on duty, he couldn’t pick up the call. Police says to Abhi don’t stop us from doing our duty and takes away Riya with them. Aliya misbehaves with Pragya and blames her for doing this to Riya. Pragya says why will I file a complaint against my own daughter? Abhi is feeling helpless and he screams in frustration when Riya is crying while police takes her away. .

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