Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2020 Written Update: Prachi makes Ranbir wear the engagement ring

Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Abhi supports Pragya when she gets scared. Rhea sees them and says protective and caring man. Pragya asks what’s he doing. Abhi says he is fulfilling his promises and reminds her how he promised her to make her feel safe on every Diwali. Pragya says Rhea is seeing us.

Rhea smiles and asks Dadi to see her Mom and Dad. Dadi says it’s their love blesses Abhi and Pragya. Pragya says they gets united because of her and takes her blessings. Dadi thanks god for uniting her family and they goes inside. Abhi sees Pragya and asks why she is not coming.

Ranbir asks how’s sugar levels in your tea? Let me check. Prachi says she added. Ranbir says your engagement ring is good and what about me? Make me wear ring. Prachi says she don’t have any ring. Ranbir says imaginative ring is enough because our heart must get united and I won’t leave you even though whole world is against us and our love is unique so our ring must be unique and he takes ring type thing from syrup bottle and asks Prachi to make him wear it to finish their engagement.

Shahana smiles seeing them. Saritha about to take Shahana but Shahana asks Saritha to notice their engagement. Prachi makes Ranbir wear that ring. Ranbir says it’s beautiful and asks Prachi to become Mrs. Kohli. Both lost in eachother eyes. Saritha and Shahana feels happy but Shahana drops vase by mistake and they hides from Ranbir and Prachi.

Pragya says she will join them after one call. Rhea asks her to join them soon. Pragya thinks how to inform Prachi and how to make her kids get united.

Prachi searches why vase fell down but Shahana and Saritha escapes. Prachi feels happy seeing her ring than she gets Pragya call and asks where is she. Pragya says leave it and asks her to wish Rhea happy Diwali to end their differences. Prachi says I won’t asks why you’re asking me to do it and but I will do it. Pragya cuts call saying you’re my lovely daughter and thinks they get united and she thought to inform Rhea that her sister will call her.

Rhea reminsces Pragya love for her. Abhi asks what happened. Rhea says she is happy and tells him that she found Pragya is her Mom in before itself and shows him the pics. Abhi looks at Rhea and Prachi’s pics and says Prachi. Rhea gets upset with him for seeing Prachi’s pics. Abhi says now listen to me, when we gets seperated I got broken. Rhea says she knows. Abhi says you don’t know about how I’m transformed.

Abhi says he won’t love anyone like he love Pragya and than you guys came to my love and I love you equally like her. Rhea says she is happy with this equation and hugs him. Pragya smiles seeing them and joins their hug than Rhea hugs her Mom. Abhi says Rhea left him after seeing her Mom. Pragya asks Rhea to talk with Prachi for her and says Prachi will call her. Abhi asks why can’t you call her. Pragya says it’s good if you wish eachother. Rhea says she will do it and takes her phone than Pragya and Abhi goes from room.

Ranbir asks why Prachi looks tensed? Than asks why she is calling Rhea. Pragya says she is doing for her Mom. Ranbir asks why it’s suddenly and than Ranbir thinks how Pragya came to meet Rhea at hospital and asks Prachi why her Mom loves Rhea. Prachi says her Mom loves everyone. Ranbir says your Mom cares for Rhea and came to hospital for her even though she knows that Rhea tries to kill you and your Mom is sharing love to both of you. Prachi says stop it, she is just concerned for Rhea and my Mom will never share my love to her so don’t judge it and of you question our relation than the matter reached to our relation. Ranbir looks on.