Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2023 Written Update: Khushi gets into a heated argument with Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ashutosh and Purvi come to a jewelry store to buy an engagement ring. Purvi goes to make a call. Ashutosh asks the salesman to show a ring that is cheap. Purvi overhears this and agrees with Ashutosh point of view. Ashutosh seeing this asks the salesman to show a nice but cheap engagement ring. Ashutosh and Purvi into Krishna but they pass by him without seeing him.


At the meeting Rajvansh sees Krishna hasn’t come to the meeting and tries to convince the clients. Rajvansh also shows the clients that he has the biggest distributor and they can tell him a number of how many vehicles they want him to sell. Rajvansh assures that he will sell them. Krishna comes to the meeting.

Rajvansh and Krishna meet face to face for the first time. Rajvansh challenges Krishna Kakkar’s venture. Krishna asks Rajvansh what does he wants to say. Rajvansh says he has the biggest distributor and banks are ready to give him how much money he wants. Krishna gets to know the name of the distributor is Mahesh Kotak. Krishna says to Rajvansh that he works for him and says Mahesh Kotak is financed by his banks and if he is not funded by his banks Mahesh Kotak will not be able to do business so he agreed to work for him. Krishna says to Mahesh the plus points to the clients that they will have working with him and leaves the choice to the clients and leaves from there.

Krishna returns home. The driver asks Krishna if he wants to eat anything. Krishna asks him to make something what he is good at.

Prachi comes to Krishna’s house and rings the doorbell. Krishna goes to open the doorbell.

Ashutosh scooty gets into an accident with Rajvansh’s car. Ashutosh worries about his scooty. Purvi asks Ashutosh if he is alright. Rajvansh takes the engagement ring and tries to give it to Purvi. Purvi puts forth her hand and looks at Ashutosh. Rajvansh puts the ring on Purvi’s finger.

Purvi sees it and asks Rajvansh why did he put the ring on her finger and says this is an engagement ring. Rajvansh mocks Purvi. Ashutosh argues with the driver and asks him to pay the bill for the damage. Rajvansh doesn’t listen to Ashutosh and leaves from there. Ashutosh worries about his scooty and decides to file a police case on them.

Divya asks Prachi not to talk like that with his mother. Visakha comments on Prachi and asks Divya not to talk like that to Khushi. Vishakha comforts Khushi.

Prachi learns that she came to the wrong address and asks if Krishna is here. The lady who opened to door for Prachi says she came to the wrong address.

Krishna sees that his staff came here to take his signature. Krishna gives his signature and sends him away.

Khushi asks her husband over the phone to come to the engagement but he doesn’t agree to it. Khushi says her husband is busy. Diya asks Divya if Purvi came. Khushi says no. Khushi complaints to her family saying Purvi is destroying her life by marrying Ashutosh. Prachi admonishes her behaviour. Khushi argues with Prachi. Prachi says she is happy that Purvi is happy that she became like him.

Ashutosh and Purvi bring the scooty to a mechanic and asks him to fix it. The mechanic says it will take time. Purvi hearing this says he has to go and give money to someone and leaves from there.

Manpreet tries to calm down Khush but Khushi admits that she only thinks about money.

Episode ends.

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