Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2020 Written Update: Ranbir reveals about his engagement to Family

Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with inspector asks Pragya to bring Prachi to prove Rhea as innocent. Abhi goes to lawyer house and asks why he didn’t attended his call. Lawyer says he couldn’t notice because of Diwali and asks what happened. Abhi asks Lawyer to do paper work for Rhea bail. Lawyer says he us busy with his family and says he will send someone with him. Abhi threatens to remove him as his company lawyer than he agrees.

Rhea says today I again lost my Mom and I’m feeling so much pain. Pragya comes to meet Rhea even though constable won’t allow her. Rhea turns around Pragya says don’t get scared Rhea, I will release you from jail. Aliya says Rhea don’t want to meet her. Constable drags her. Pragya says I will bring Prachi to station and prove you as innocent than their will be no case. Aliya thinks her plan will get flopped if Prachi and Pragya releases Rhea and than she about to leave but Rhea asks her to stay with her for sometime.

Dadi cries seeing Daljeet photo and says that Pragya can never do this but Aliya always blame Pragya and if Rhea and Pragya didn’t get united than how to unite Abhi with Pragya, show me some way to fulfill your wish.

Relatives leave from Vikram place. Ranbir comes to home. Pallavi asks where he went leaving their party at home. Ranbir won’t answer properly than Pallavi feeds him sweet and wishes happy Diwali and he feeds her sweet than she notices the ring and asks what’s this. Ranbir sats it’s nothing.

Pallavi asks him to remove it saying that’s not looking good on him but Ranbir denies and reveals them that this is his engagement ring. Pallavi asks who gave it to him. Ranbir tells Pallavi, Vikram and Beeji that he got engaged to Prachi. They gets shocked and asks if it’s true. Ranbir says it’s true and want to marry her. Pallavi slaps him.

Pragya came to home and shouts for Prachi. Prachi asks why she didn’t attend her calls and asks about her wound but Pragya in tears asks Prachi to come with her. Prachi stops her and asks what’s the matter. Pragya says police arrested Prachi for murder charges and they says that I lodged complaint but why will I complaint against her. Prachi says she tried to kill your daughter, why can’t you lodge complaint.

Shahana and Saritha says it’s good that Rhea in jail. Pragya sats what happened to you. Prachi asks how can you love Rhea even after knowing she tried to kill me? I won’t come to police station to release her and let her rot in jail for years. Pragya raises her hand and asks her to not talk anything against Rhea. Prachi says Rhea is arrogant, selfish and tried to kill her, she lives for just herself. She asks how is that arrogant and ill mannered girl related to me. Pragya couldn’t bear her words and says she is your sister. Prachi and Saritha gets shocked.

Rhea says Mom might be realised her mistake that’s why she came here. Aliya sats she came here to enjoy your state and she may planning to give Ranbir to Prachi and if you want to stay happy in life remove Pragya and Prachi from your heart and you will get your Ranbir because it’s not tough to seperate Prachi and Ranbir. Rhea cries. Aliya asks Rhea to forget Pragya if she needs Ranbir and instigates Rhea against Prachi and Pragya.

Ranbir says you hate the girl I love. Vikram asks him to stop. Ranbir sats I have 100 reasons to love her but tell one reason one you hate her. Palos I says I raised you and I know what’s good for you. Ranbir says think about what I need, I only marry Prachi in my life. Pallavi locks Ranbir in his room.

Ranbir says you or world can’t stop my love. Pallavi says you have to leave your Mom if you can’t forget Prachi. Ranbir says it’s not fair. Beeji asks Vikram to stop Pallavi. Vikram says Pallavi loves Ranbir and she won’t listen to us. Beeji says Prachi created differences between Mom and son.

Pragya reveals to Prachi that Rhea is her twin. Prachi gets shocked. Saritha says so Mr Mehra is your husband. Pragya says I don’t have time to explain so let’s go to release Rhea. Prachi agrees to release Rhea and they goes to jail. Shahana thinks Ranbir is strucked between sisters and asks Saritha whether it won’t cause problems.

Ranbir asks Pallavi to understand him. Pallavi says I’m your Mom and gave you everything but not you’re asking me to understand you? I realised my mistake. Ranbir says Prachi is my life and my heart is paining than why can’t you understand me? He says he will talk with Dad but Pallavi leaves locking him in door.

Vikram and Beeji says she is doing wrong. Pallavi says she found one way to seperate Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir thinks he won’t let anyone come in between him and Prachi. Pragya and Prachi goes to jail in auto and Prachi thinks so Mehra sir is my Dad and I’m lucky to have him.

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