Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2024  Written Update: RV and Yug escape from Jasbir’s men

Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2024  Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Prachi asking Ashutosh to drive quickly. Jasbir’s men chase Ashutosh and Prachi in the car. Ashutosh takes a turn and puts his bike aside. Jasbir’s men stop going forward as they don’t find the bike to chase it.

Ashutosh and Prachi get into a car and leave from there. Jasbir’s men spot them and they chase them.

The police inspector says to Tandon family that Tiger’s family is saying that Tiger is not in the city. Khushi asks the inspector to ask someone else about Tiger’s whereabouts. The inspector asks the Tandon family to allow them to do their job. The Tandon family and Jasbir’s family start arguing right infront of the police. The police ask Khushi how can she be so sure that Jasbir kidnapped Purvi. Khushi says because Jasbir kidnapped her before Purvi thinking she is Purvi. Jasbir’s family argues with Tandon family saying they are cooking up a story. The police calms them down and asks The Tandon family to tell him the whole story from the beginning.

Prachi asks Ashutosh if he knows where is Tiger’s house. Ashutosh asks Prachi if Purvi’s marriage is broken. Prachi asks Ashutosh to tell him if he knows Tiger’s house.

Jasbir’s men stop the cab and hold Prachi. Jasbir’s men threaten Ashutosh saying they are taking Prachi to Purvi and Jasbir’s wedding. Jasbir’s men dares Ashutosh to come to the wedding if he has the guts and tells him the address. Ashutosh leaves from there.

Jasbir’s men say to Prachi that they are going to her daughter’s wedding and asks Prachi to come with them. Jasbir’s men take Prachi away from there.

Shera says to RV and Yug that due to them they couldn’t dance in Jasbir’s wedding. Shera decides to dance here as they couldn’t dance in Jasbir’s wedding. RV sees that everyone is distracted with the dance so he unties himself and escapes from the ropes. RV fights with the Jasbir’s men. Yug also unties himself takes the knife that has fallen on the floor and takes Shera hostage. RV asks Shera where are Jasbir and Purvi. Shera says the address to RV. RV and Yug leave from there.

Jasbir asks the Pandit to hurry up. The pandit agrees and asks Jasbir and Purvi to stand up for taking Phere. Purvi takes a fire log and threatens Jasbir. Jasbir asks Purvi to put it aside. Purvi uses the fire log and escapes from Jasbir. Purvi thinks of which way to go. Jasbir’s men bring Prachi to Jasbir. Jasbir shouts for Purvi saying Prachi is here. Purvi stops running hearing that.

The police after talking to Tandon family asks them to allow him to talk to Jasbir’s family. Khushi asks the inspector to directly put them in jail. Jasbir’s family get into an argument with the Tandon family again. Jasbir’s aunt get fed up with being insulted by Tandon family and leaves the police station. Jasbir’s uncle also goes after her. The police inspector asks the Tandon family to allow them to go as he feels they don’t know anything about Jasbir.

Jasbir asks Prachi to shout for Purvi but Prachi doesn’t shout so he hurts Prachi to make her shout. Purvi hearing Prachi’s voice gets worried for Prachi.

Episode ends.

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