Kumkum Bhagya 4th December 2019 Written Update: Rhea and Prachi to have a showdown.

The episode starts with Rhea shouting for Prachi and Prachi comes out. Prachi drags Rhea out and asks how dare is she to shout in her house. Rhea asks how dare is she to arrest her Bua. Prachi denies doing any such things but then gets reminded of filing complaint against the hit and run driver of Disha. She asks if it’s her Bua who ias hit her Maasi and Rhea agrees. Rhea drags Prachi inside to go to police station and take back the complaint. Prachi denies doing so and says that she will not listen even if Abhi asks her to. Rhea panics for her Bua and asks if her Maasi is her blood related like her Bua. Prachi denies and Rhea asks then why’s she worrying about her. Prachi says that not every strong relation need to be blood related. Rhea says that she don’t understand the value of Blood relations. She says that She’s thankful that they are not blood related. She once again asks Prachi to take back the complaint but Prachi keeps denying. Rhea storms off furiously.

Sanju and his friend comes back to the town lying to his father that they are going to make career there. The waiter who helped Rhea and Sanju for spiking Prachi’s drink gets irked seeing him happy as he’s living hiding from police. Sanju realized his mistake and wants Prachi genuinely. They both go to a costly restaurant ro have food which happens to be the same restaurant as the waiter.

Abhi is in the hotel room when he gets Prachi’s call before he could pick it up the call goes off and Rhea calls him. Abhi picks up the call and Rhea says about Aliya arrest and Prachi filing complaint. She also says about her saying that Aliya did ot deliberately to harm her Maasi. Abhi recalls Aliya looking furiously at Disha and understands that Prachi can be right as Aliya is capable of doing it. Abhi says the same to Rhea and Rhea gets furious and cuts the call. She thinks Prachi brainwashed Abhi too.

Prachi goes to police station and shouts at the inspector for arresting her Bus without doing any enquiry and blindly trusting Prachi’s complaint. Insecticide says that he will do investigation and if Prachi is proven wrong then will arrest her too. Aliya tries ¬†calming Rhea but Rhea acts all hyper. She blames the inspector for taking money from Prachi making him furious. He warns to arrest her if she continues blabbering and Aliya shuts her. She ass about bail and Rhea says that Vikram ks getting it for her.

Sanju and his friend are in the restaurant and Sanju leaves to washroom. The waiter in the pretext of lucky prize takes Sanju’s number from his friend and calls him. He blackmails Sanju to give the money in order to keep his mouth shut. Sanju realizes that he’s somewhere there but couldn’t find him. He decides to shut him with money as he doesn’t want Prachi to know about it.