Kumkum Bhagya: Aliya will found Prachi was with Ranbir in the bathroom?

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Zee TV popular show Kumkum Bhagya serial is witnessing some major turning points these days in their story
As reported earlier Pragya convinced Abhi to agree to get married to Tanu and She sent Abhi and Aliya to Tanu’s house to inform Tanu about his decision so that he gets a chance to search proof in her place.

Rhea questioned who’s inside. Prachi pleaded Ranbir than he lets Rhea know that he is inside. Prachi went out from room when Rhea is busy in call. Mitali teased Ranbir and Rhea telling she knows what they did in washroom but they made her confused with their answer.

Shahana hears everything. Abhi informed to Tanu that he is ready for marriage and Abhi went to Tanu’s room under the pretext of using the bathroom bit he didn’t found any proof. Aryan and Sahana talked to eachother about Prachi and Ranbir but Aliya misunderstood them and she warned Aryan to stay away from Shahana.

Abhi and Alia informed Pragya that they didn’t get any proof. Prsgya told them they have to plan spontaneous plans seeing Tanu’s activities. Aliya agreed later Aliya warned Rhea against Prachi and suggested her to keep Prachi away from Ranbir until she gets married to Ranbir.
In the upcoming episode viewers will witness that Aliya will overhear Prachi conversation with Shahana when Prachi asking Shahana to not to tell anyone that she was with Ranbir in the washroom.

Abhi will asks Pragya how did she know that he is outside? Maybe Tanu has done something to him. Pragya will says Tanu can’t kill him because if dead body is found then her marriage can get halted which she don’t want to happen.

Prachi will tell to Shahana that she is wearing this dress because she have only one party dress not because it’s Ranbir’s favourite colour. Rhea will hear their conversation and spoils Prachi’s dress by tearing it.

Will Pragya get any proofs against Tanu before marriage? How will Tanu gets escaped from Pradeep’s murder case?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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