KumKum Bhagya Written Update 18th October 2019: Priyanka’s idea against Prachi irks Riya!

Today’s episode starts with Ranbir comes to Vikram and ask few questions to Vikram. He further says to Vikram that his heart is beating fast. Vikran tells to Ranbir that his heart is giving him the message that he likes some girl. Ranbir thinks of Prachi. There, Priyanka thinks to destroy Prachi’s life. She goes to Riya and asks her to show Prachi’s picture. Riya shows Prachi’s photo and Priyanka praises her. Further, Priyanka and Riya discuss a plan to ruin Prachi’s life.

Vikram meets with Abhi and discuss about Pragya and praises her. The duo talks with each other. Other side, when Priyanka tells to Riya let’s play with Prachi’s pride, Riya back out from the plan and says she is insane. Priyanka says to Riya that today she is saying no but one day she herself will plan against Prachi. Riya thinks she is a bad girl and has done mistakes in her life but she can’t be evil.

Abhi goes to Purab. Purab tells to Abhi that Aliya is back. Abhi alerts Purab and ask him to be careful from Aliya, as she is very smart. Meanwhile, Riya sees Aliya crying in her room and worries for her. She too starts crying, Aliya ask Riya not to cry.

Riya ask Aliya to tell her the reason why she is crying. Aliya tells to Riya that Purab is giving second thought to their marriage. Riya says she will talk to Purab. Aliya ask Riya to relax and adds that her mother separated her from Purab in spite of knowing that she loved Purab from day one. She further says that because of her mother even Abhi throw her out from the house but Pragya left Abhi and went away to live with some other man. Riya cry hearing Aliya’s story. She concludes that her mother never loved her thus went away with her other children accept her. (Episode Ends)