Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2024 Written Update: Leader of the goons threatens Rajveer 

Kundali Bhagya 13th April 2024 On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with goons catches Girish and learns that Girish is servant of Luthra house. They asks Girish about Karan’s room. Girish tells them that he joined two days back only so he don’t know anything. They refuses to believe Girish and they beat Girish up. They orders Girish to take them to Karan’s room. Girish agrees. 

Rajveer tells Palki that he is not understanding why goons want to kill her. Palki tells him that she is confused because she did nothing to anger goons and says that she don’t know goons. Kritika comes there and tells them that goons misunderstood Palki as Preeta. Palki asks why goons want to kill Preeta. They sees goons coming that way. Kritika takes Palki from there. Goons catches Rajveer. 

Police inspector Sunil calls leader of the goons and warns to surrender with his team. Leader of the goons disconnects the call. He threatens to shoot Rajveer. Kritika requests him to not shoot Rajveer. She gets caught by goons. Leader of the goons orders Luthras to come out. He threatens to kill hostages. He tells his team to go inside and drag everyone to the hall. 

Shaurya asks Nidhi that what happened to her. He tells her that he will fix everything so she need not to worry about anything. Nidhi tells him that she know he can solve everything. She says that she is worried about Karan. He tells her that he will bring Karan. He asks Sandy to keep Nidhi safe. Palki comes there and tells Shaurya that goons caught Rajveer. Shaurya asks her to trust him because he won’t let anything happen to Rajveer for her sake. He takes Palki from there. 

Kareena and Rakhi searches Mahesh. They sees Aarohi. Aarohi tells them that Nidhi is determined to protect Karan so they need not to worry about Karan. She says that Preeta is danger for Karan, not goons. Rakhi says that she won’t keep quiet if anything happened to her family then. She adds that she will tell the truth to Preeta if Karan got hurt then. Kareena tells Rakhi that nothing will happen to Karan. Aarohi says that Nidhi feels lonely. She asks them to make sure Karan becomes Nidhi. She adds that Nidhi did so much for this family so Luthras can do this for Nidhi. 

Kareena tells Rajveer that they can make a  deal with goons. Goons brings Luthras and Palki’s family there. Kritika tells goon that she want to talk to leader of the goons. Rajveer snatches gun from leader of the goons. He murmurs to leader of the goons that he know Anshuman sent the latter. Leader of the goons tells Rajveer that he know the latter works for Anshuman. He threatens to expose Rajveer in front of Luthras. He snatches the gun from Rajveer. He takes Rajveer from there.

Kritika tells Shanaya that she has to help Rajveer. Shanaya runs towards juice tray. Goons goes to her. Shanaya tells them that she is thristy. Kritika leaves from there using this chance. Rajveer decides to tell wrong password to goons. He tells goons that he don’t know the password. Goons beat Rajveer up. 

Episode ends. 

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