Kundali Bhagya 15th April 2024 Written Update: Rajveer saves Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 15th April 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Sandeep tells Luthras to keep quiet else he will kill Preeta. Nidhi notices that Sandeep saw Palki. She wonders why Sandeep saw Palki while talking about Preeta. Karan asks Sandeep that why the latter bringing Preeta in this matter. Sandeep shoots towards Palki. Everyone gets shocked seeing this. Preeta also hears bullet sound. She sees Varun and asks him about Kavya. Varun recalls that how he told Preeta that he will take care of Kavya.

Karan scolds Sandeep. Shanaya also scolds Sandeep for shooting towards Palki. Nidhi understands that Sandeep misunderstood Palki as Preeta. Kritika asks Sandeep that why he called Palki as Preeta. Rakhi asks Sandeep that why he shoot when they gave jewels already.

Varun lies to Preeta that Kavya is hiding somewhere and he is searching Kavya. Preeta tells him that he is lying. She asks him to tell the truth. He asks her that why he will lie.

Police inspector calls Sandeep and scolds the latter for shooting. Sandeep says that he never promised to not shoot anyone. He adds that he will shoot the person who comes in between his work and disconnects the call.

Amar drags Nidhi. Karan warns Amar to not hurt Nidhi. Rajveer gets angry hearing this. Shaurya tells Amar to leave Nidhi. Amar asks Nidhi that why everyone calling Preeta as Palki. Nidhi tells him that that’s0 Palki only. She sees Preeta standing upstairs and she shows Preeta to Amar.

Luthras starts beating goons up. Rajveer goes to save Palki. Sandeep shoots towards Rajveer but Karan saves Rajveer. Preeta sees this. Karan scolds Rajveer for risking the latter’s life. Preeta tells thanks to Karan for saving Rajveer. Sandeep tries to shoot Karan but Rajveer comes in between Sandeep and Karan to save Karan. Amar tries to stab Preeta but Rajveer comes in between them again. Preeta and others gets shocked seeing this.

Karan says that they should take Rajveer to the hospital. Mahesh tells Shaurya to go to hospital. Police comes there and tries to catch goons. Sandeep puts knife on Roma’s neck. Roma sees Alia. She thinks that Alia is bigger problem in her life than goon. Police inspector tells Sandeep to leave Roma. Shukwinder saves Roma from Sandeep. Police catches goons. Mahesh tells thanks to Police inspector. Roma tells Luthras that she will take Alia to the hospital. She takes Alia from there with Constable help.

Karan and Preeta takes Rajveer to the parking area. They realises that they don’t have car key. Shaurya says that he will bring. Preeta says that Rajveer is bleeding. Karan says that they don’t have time and takes Rajveer from there. Preeta and Nidhi follows Karan.

Daljeet says that they should ask money from Luthras for her treatment. Shanaya says that Daljeet is fine so the latter should not ask anything from Luthras. Rakhi says that Rajveer saved Karan. She decides to meet Rajveer in the hospital. Aarohi tells Rakhi that Preeta is responsible for all the problems.

Episode ends.

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