Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update: Preeta talks to Karan about Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 22nd February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Karan tells Rakhi that it was just a dream and this dream won’t become reality. He thinks that he can’t tell the truth to his mother. He tells her that Preeta won’t forget the latter. He asks her to calm down. On the other hand, Rajveer goes to Anshuman house. He asks Anshuman that whether the latter’s offer is available still. Anshuman tells Rajveer that he was waiting for the latter. He says that he even has plans to ruin Karan’s life. Rajveer tells Anshuman that they will ruin Karan’s life. He drinks alcohol and leaves from there.

Karan tells himself that he feel like he is dying and he even lost hope to live. He says that he got everything but he has nothing now. He thinks that he can’t tolerate this pain and cries. Nidhi comes there and apologises to Karan. She tells him that Girish will remove the decorations. He coughs. She goes to bring water.

Gurpreet calls Karan and tells him that Rajveer did not return home yet. She asks him that whether Rajveer is working with the latter. Karan tells her Rajveer left from Luthra house. He asks her about Preeta. She tells him that Preeta is fine. He tells her to take care of Preeta and disconnects the call.

Preeta waits for Rajveer. She asks God to not bring storm in their life. She calls Rajveer but no response from other side. She decides to scold Rajveer. Rajveer reaches the house. Palki comes there and tells him that she know he is upset. She says that she is afraid that she will get separated from him. He cries. She notices that he is drunk. He talks about Karan and Nidhi’s hug. He says that Karan is really bad person.

She asks him that why he is badmouthing Karan. He tells her that Karan did wrong with them and he hate Karan. She asks him to not talk like that. She tells him that she will take him to his house. He tells her that he can’t go like this in front of Preeta. He says that he has to share his feelings to the person who knows the past. He runs from there.

Nidhi asks Karan to share his feelings with her. She apologises to him and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Palki tells Shanaya that she is worried about Rajveer. She says that it’s about Luthra industries and Karan. Shanaya asks Palki to not overthink and sleep. She falls asleep. Palki recalls Rajveer’s words.

Gurpreet tells Preeta that she talked to Karan and Rajveer left from Luthra house. Preeta calls Karan from Gurpreet’s phone and asks him that will he take care of Rajveer always. He understands her worry and tells her that he will bring Rajveer home. She disconnects the call and tells Gurpreet that she feels relieved now. She says that she trust Karan and goes inside.

Episode ends.

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