Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2022 Written Update: Sherlyn asks Rishabh to accept her

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Episode begins with Preeta recalls that how Arjun saved her at the temple and how he expected thanks from her. She tells Srishti that they should go to Luthra house. On the other hand, Anjali asks Arjun that how was the meeting. Arjun tells her that it went well. She says that first time he went for meeting alone. She asks him to stop lying.

Rishabh asks Preeta that what happened to her. Preeta shook her head. He tells her that he know something bothering her. He asks her to share her problem with him. She tells him that she met Prithvi at Kavya’s school. She says that she feel like Prithvi followed her. She tells him that even Arjun was there. He gets shocked hearing her. She asks him that why he did not come to school if his meeting got cancelled then. He asks her that if Arjun told her that meeting got cancelled. She nods at him.

Arjun apologizes to Anjali. She asks him to tell the truth. He tells her that he had a reason to hide the truth from her. He informs her that he learnt that Prithvi is in Kavya’s school. She tells him that Rishabh is angry at him already.

Rishabh calls Arjun and asks him that when their meeting got cancelled. Arjun tells him that he cancelled the meeting. Rishabh tells him that he learnt that the latter went to Kavya’s school. Arjun tells him that he learnt that Prithvi is in Kavya’s school and he know Prithvi is Luthras enemy so he went to school. He tells him that how he framed Prithvi. Rishabh thanks him. He invites him to the tomorrow party and disconnects the call. Preeta asks him that why he thanked Arjun. He tells her that Arjun saved her from Prithvi.

Arjun tells Anjali that Rishabh is not angry at him. He says that they are going to party tomorrow.

Next day, Srishti looks after the decorations. Rishabh comes downstairs. Rakhi asks him about Preeta. Preeta comes there. Srishti tells Preeta that she prepared everything for the party. Kavya says that she gave suggestions to Srishti. Srishti agrees with her. Rishabh asks Preeta that if she is fine. Preeta tells him that she was thinking about yesterday school incident. Rishabh tells Kavya that he will drop her at school today. He takes her with him. Rakhi tells Preeta that the latter looks tensed. Preeta tells her that Rishabh handled everything.

Rishabh drops Kavya at the school. He waits there until Kavya goes inside the school. He thinks that Kavya is his life. He realises that his phone got dead but he has to make an important call. He reaches Sherlyn’s house to get charger. He gets shocked seeing Sherlyn there. She thinks that she is mad to leave Rishabh for Prithvi.

She tells him that she miss him still. She says that Preeta came in between them. He warns her to not take Preeta’s name. He tells her that she can’t understand that what is Preeta for him. She asks him to accept her. He yells at her. He says that she did not change at all. She tells him that he will lose Preeta. He leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with Preeta asks Arjun that if he said something. Arjun reminds her that she has to thank him. She tells him that he can come to house if he wants. He tells her that he has an important meeting so he has to leave. She enters the house. Beeji and Janki gets happy seeing Preeta. Srishti says that she don’t get special treatment like Preeta. Preeta asks her to accept that they loves her the most. Srishti notices her saree and she asks her about it.

Preeta tells them about fire accident. She opens the door hearing door knocking sound. She gets surprised seeing Arjun there. She asks him that what is he doing there. He tells her that he have something to tell. He pushes her aside. He meets everyone. Preeta goes to make tea for everyone. He recalls the moments he shared with her ( Sunle oh mahiya song plays in the background ). Beeji asks Arjun to sit. She tells Srishti to help Preeta but the latter refuses.

In the police station, Prithvi asks lawyer that why the latter helped him. Lawyer tells him that it looks like they met before. Prithvi tells him that, that’s not possible. Sherlyn comes there. Prithvi introduces Sherlyn to lawyer. He tells her that now everything will be fine. Sherlyn twists his hand. He asks her that what is she doing. She scolds him for his wrongdoing. He asks her that how can she think that he did that. She tells him that police inspector told her everything. He tells her that Arjun is behind everything. He says that he lost his phone. She tells him that she won’t trust him. She asks him to rot there for what he did and leaves from there. He screams that why she came if she did not arrange bail for him then. He talks about Karan and Preeta. Lawyer talks about Preeta and Rishabh’s marriage. Prithvi asks him that how the latter knows Luthras.

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