Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2024 Written Update: Rajveer vows to ruin Karan’s life

Kundali Bhagya 3rd February 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Rajveer tells Mark that he really want to beat the latter up. He recalls that how Mark said he wanted to kill Preeta because of Karan. He tells himself that Karan brought death in Preeta’s life and he will ruin Karan’s life. Preeta comes there. She asks Rajveer to come with her to give blood to Karan.

On the other hand, Shaurya meets Sandy. He informs Sandy that Karan got shot because of Preeta. He says that Karan lost lot of blood and he can’t give blood to Karan because there is alcohol components in his blood. Sandy tells Shaurya that he will arrange blood. He calls someone and learns that AB+ blood is available. He takes Shaurya from there.

Doctor scolds Rakhi for her carelessness. Dadi asks Rakhi that why the latter went to hospital temple in this condition. Rakhi tells Dadi that she felt like something bad happened. Kareena asks Rakhi to not overthink. Rakhi asks them to call all the family members. She says that she will feel relieved once she saw everyone then. Nurse tells Dadi and Kareena to wait in waiting room because Rakhi needs rest. Dadi tells Rakhi to take rest. Dadi and Kareena leaves from there.

Wardboy gives blood to Shaurya and Sandy. Shaurya gives money to Wardboy. He says that he can prove that he is Luthra and he can do anything.

Rajveer tells Mark to open his eyes. Preeta tells Rajveer to leave Mark. Rajveer tells her that Mark has to tell the truth her. Mark regains his consciousness. Rajveer asks Mark that why the latter wanted to kill Preeta. Mark takes Karan’s name. Preeta scolds Rajveer. She says that robbers came to steal in the bank. She reminds him that Karan got shot while saving her. She asks him that will he come with her or not. Rajveer tells him that he won’t give his blood to Karan. She tells him that she won’t ask him to do anything. She says that she will arrange blood for Karan and leaves from there.

Shaurya reaches the hospital with blood. He tells Luthras that he arranged blood for Karan. Rishabh gives the blood to Nurse. He tells thanks to Shaurya. Nurse returns and tells Luthras that blood is contempted so they can’t use it.

Preeta reaches the hospital and meets Nurse. She tells Nurse that she need AB+ blood to save one person life. Nurse gives blood to Preeta. Preeta calls Rajveer and tells him that she arranged blood for Karan. She drops the blood pocket after colliding with someone. She gets shattered seeing this. She says that she really need this blood and cries. She calls Rajveer and pleads him to listen her. She goes out of the hospital and sees Rajveer. She pleads Rajveer to save Karan.

Episode ends.

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