Kundali Bhagya 5th November 2021 Written Update: Preeta exposes Prithvi

Kundali Bhagya 5th November 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Prithvi tells Preeta that she misunderstood him. Srishti asks him that what is he doing with knife. He throws the knife and tells her that seems like he walked in sleep. Kareena tells him that it didn’t looked like he walked in his sleep. Preeta tells Prithvi that everyone knows his truth. Kritika comes there.

Srishti tells Preeta that Prithvi seems confused so they should explain everything to him. Rakhi tells Prithvi that they were acting till now and they already knows that what kind of person he is. He pleads them to not misunderstand him.

He tells them that Rishabh is in jail because of Sandeep that’s why he killed him. Preeta tells him that she watched his actions and he lied to them. He asks her to not talk like this with him because he is son in law of Luthra’s. She calls Sandeep.

Prithvi realises that he just stabbed the pillow. She recalls that how she saw Prithvi behind the curtain and planned to catch him red-handed. She tells her plan to him and tells him that she went to Kritika’s room to tell the truth to her and there she met Kareena and Dadi. She asks them to help her to save Rishabh and Kritika’s life.

She reveals that Rishabh is in jail because of Prithvi and it’s Prithvi who gave bribe to Sandeep. Prithvi tells her that everything is lie. He says to others that Preeta trying to instigate them against him. Rakhi asks him to stop lying and slaps him. She tells him that they gave love and respect to him but what he did with them is unacceptable. He pushes her in anger so Preeta pushes him and yells at him. He asks Kareena to believe him and Preeta doing all this because she likes him. Sameer tries to attack him for accusing Preeta. Prithvi takes the knife and warns them to not get close to him. Preeta asks him to accept the truth.

Mahesh comes there and tells them that they should call the Police. Prithvi tells him that he is innocent. Kareena tells him that they recorded everything and that evidence is enough. Kritika asks Prithvi that what’s happening here. He thinks that she is weakness of Luthra’s and he need to talk to her alone. He puts the knife near her neck and takes her from there.

Kritika asks Prithvi to leave her. Luthra’s asks Prithvi to open the door. Prithvi warns them to not knock the door. Rakhi pleads him to not harm Kritika. Kritika tells Prithvi that she thought he loves her then why he is doing all this. He drops the knife and tells her that he really loves her.

Kareena is about to call the Police but Preeta stops her saying that they should save Kritika first. Dadi and Rakhi also agrees with her. Prithvi tells Kritika that he brought her alone to talk to her. She tells him that she saw his real face and she is mad that she loved him. She asks him that how can he send Rishabh to jail. He thinks that he can’t lose his control because with her help only he can reenter the house.

Episode ends.

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