Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2021 Written Update: Pammi informs Mahira about Sameer’s love

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Episode begins with Preeta and her allies thinks that Akshay would have sent that letter to Sherlyn to blackmail her. Sameer asks them that what could be Sherlyn’s pregnancy secret. Preeta learns that Police shifting Karan to another jail and she informs about it to Sameer and Srishti. Srishti wonders that why they are shifting Karan to another jail now. She tells them that they need clue to confirm that Sherlyn met Akshay on his murder day and then they can learn that what exactly happened in Akshay’s room that day.

Preeta tells them that she feels like she should talk to Megha alone once because Megha is the only person who was closed to Akshay so Megha knows everything maybe about Sherlyn’s pregnancy secret too. She decides to meet Megha. Srishti tells her that she will accompany her.

Sherlyn enters her room and feels that something is fishy definitely. Prithvi regains his consciousness and asks for water. He asks Ruchika and Megha to untie him. Ruchika refuses to untie him. Megha asks him that how can he even think that she will agree to delete the video that easily. He shocks realising that they removed his mask. Ruchika tells him that he made mistake, so he should give 70 lakhs in 24 hours.

Ruchika asks Megha to untie him. Megha unties him and Ruchika takes the knife and warns him to not repeat the mistake again. He tells them that he is not afraid of their threat and he knows that they don’t have money that’s why they are blackmailing him. Ruchika threatens him to send the video to Rishabh and Kritika if he failed to give 70 lakhs in 24 hours then. Prithvi leaves from there. Megha thinks that Ruchika demanded huge money from Prithvi.

Sherlyn waits for Prithvi and wonders that why he didn’t return yet and thinks to go to Megha’s house. Prithvi comes there. She asks him about Megha’s mobile. He reveals that he failed to steal Megha’s mobile.

On the other hand, Mahira asks Pammi that what the latter doing in her room. Pammi tells her that the latter would have done something that’s why Sameer loves her. Mahira recalls that how Sameer complimented her. Pammi warns her to stay away from Sameer and leaves from there. Mahira thinks that Pammi become mad.

Sherlyn faints. Prithvi asks her to open her eyes and tells her to not stress herself saying that he will resolve the problem. She regains her consciousness and asks him that when he went to Megha’s room to steal her mobile then how can he say that he failed to steal it and tells him that she feels like he is lying to her.

He reveals to her that what all happened there. She asks them that why they demanded 70 lakhs from him when they demanded just 50 lakhs from her. He asks her that why she hided about Megha’s demand from him and tells her that he can arrange the money because his business doing well now.

Sarla stops Preeta from meeting Megha saying that Megha won’t tell the truth. Sarla and Preeta visits Police station to meet Karan. Police inspector tells them that they can’t meet Karan now.

Episode ends.

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