Kundali Bhagya: Who will save Rakhi?

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In the ZeeTV show Kundali Bhagya, goon will threaten to hurt Rakhi. So will Luthras give up? Check below to learn more.


Earlier it’s seen that, Shaurya got worried about Palki’s safety so he locked her in a room. Sandy saw this and told Shaurya that the latter cares about Palki so much. Kareena, Mahesh and Karan took kitchen things to attack goons. Rishabh told them that they can’t defeat goons with these things. Karan argued with Rishabh. Kareena stopped their fight.

Rakhi refused to give the ring to go on which Preeta gifted her. So goon pointed gun towards Rakhi. Preeta saved Rakhi by throwing flower vase on goon. Shekhar pointed gun towards Preeta.

Preeta’s children got angry when Shekhar hurted Preeta. Kavya took Preeta to a room and treated Preeta’s wound. Preeta sent Kavya to save Rakhi. Rajveer and Shaurya fought with goons.

Palki screamed for help. She lied to Amy that goons locked her in the room. Amy opened the door. She told the truth to him. She said thanks to him and left. Rajveer saved Daljeet from goon. Palki saved Shaurya from goon. Goon tried to stab Palki and Rajveer saved her.

Shekhar wore Shaurya’s jacket. So Karan scolded Shekhar. Mahesh scolded Karan for fighting for jacket in this situation. Goon puts a knife near Rakhi’s neck.

In the upcoming episode, Shaurya will take the remote out. Rajveer will ask Shaurya that what the latter is doing with remote. Shaurya will ask Rajveer that did he liked that jacket. He will get ready to press the remote.

What will happen to Rakhi?

Will Rajveer learn about Shaurya’s plan?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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