Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 17th February 2021 Written Update: Anant threatens Samaira

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 17th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Shubhra talking to Chandrani and declares that she will come back to Pune. Chandrani ask her to stay and fight back. She says that Anant is there to help her in bringing the true face of Samaira in front of Kuldeep. Shubhra wipes her tears and agrees to stay while Chandrani ask her to take care of Anant as he is innocent and request her to save Vedika from Samaira.

Shubhra nods and promises Chandrani to protect both Anant and Vedika. She hands over the phone to Anant. Chandrani instructed him to be bold and face Samaira while he replies innocently, She reminds him about what all Samaira have done with him and encourages him.

Kuldeep brings doctor to check Samaira while she acts to be fainted. Anant gets inside her room and says that he will cure her. Doctor goes from there when Anant ask Kuldeep also to leave. He insists Kuldeep to trust him stating that he know Samaira really well and is aware of how to wake her up. Kuldeep leaves the room while Samaira curses Anant with her eyes close. Anant takes out his shoes and moves towards Samaira to make her smell it. Phirki looks at them and as Anant was about to bring the shoe close to Samaira’s face, She gets up and throws it off.

The shoe landed on Phirki’s hand while Samaira shouts at her to leave. He gets up from the bed furiously and closes the door. She faces Anant and ask what he wants? She reminds him about his promise to never come back in her life and ask him to leave along with his daughter. Anant taunts her to be selfish and says that she is heartless as she doesn’t get melted even after seeing her daughter. She says that she and Kuldeep both are happy in their life as she have provided him what all Shubhra can’t get him in their married life.

On the other side Shubhra feels sympathy towards Vedika as she sees her playing happily with Rishi and Roli. She sits besides her and declares her to be friend of Rishi and Roli while they passes her smile. She ask Vedika to address her as mother while Vedika hugs her tightly. Shubhra gets happy tears and told to her kids that their team is getting big and strong. She enjoys her moment with them.

Anant threatens Samaira about telling her truth to Kuldeep and ask if their relation is strong enough to face it? Samaira gets angry and was about to slap him when he held her wrist. She struggles to free her hand. Anant tells that Kuldeep will leave her after knowing the truth and at that time Kuldeep comes there and gets stunned.

Kuldeep ask Samaira that about what truth Anant was talking about while Anant lies that he was saying about Samaira’s problem as she faints whenever she takes excess stress or worry. Anant states that Kuldeep must know about Samaira’s problem as he will be there to take care of her. Samaira agrees to Anant and says that they were talking about this only. Kuldeep looks at Samaira and says that he has been with her since such a long time but still doesn’t know about her problem. He gets angry about it and taunts Samaira to spend more time with Anant.

Kuldeep gets downstairs while Roli excitedly shows him her drawings. He scolds her while Shubhra ask him not to pour his anger on kids. She took Roli’s side while Kuldeep glares her. Rishi tells about his father’s bad temper to Vedika. Shubhra intentionally teases Kuldeep making him irked.

Shubhra serves food to everyone while Anant cautiously brings Samaira down towards the dinning table. Kuldeep gets shocked seeing it while Shubhra and kids suppresses their laugh. Anant makes Samaira sit on the chair and serves her food.

Madhura says that Anant must have started his work in Samaira’s house while Chandrani laughs. Chandrani taunts Samaira for being a heartless mother. Madhura tries to eat noodles but fails while Chandrani teaches her how to have it. They enjoys their time together while Chandrani prays to god.

Anant stares at Samaira while she starts eating while Kuldeep gets jealous. He ask how long Anant will stay? To which Samaira replies that he have some work here and will stay till it gets complete. Anant says that he have a lot to catch up with Samaira and passes a smile towards Kuldeep making him irritate.

Shubhra ask Kuldeep if he is getting jealous? To which he lies that he is not a narrow minded person to get jealous. He states that Anant will stay in hall while Anant denies to it asking Kuldeep to not be possessive. He says that he and Vedika will stay with Samaira while Shubhra replies that Kuldeep will also get sometime to spend with Rishi and Roli. Kuldeep smiles and agrees to it.

Vedika says that his father is sending her to spend time with Samaira while Roli replies that she can work as spy and get them information about her. They both smiles agreeing to this.

Samaira ask Phirki to keep an eye on Anant. At that time Shubhra gets inside Samaira’s room and says that she never believed her acting. She states that she knows she was acting to be fainted while Samaira glares her. Shubhra smirks revealing that she knows about Anant and Samaira’s relation and also knows that Vedika is her daughter while Samaira gets shocked.

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