Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 26th January 2021 Written Update: Rishi takes the blame on himself to save Shubhra

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Rishi speculating Samaira for hiding the ring inside Shubhra’s room to frame her as culprit while Shubhra agrees to him and they goes inside their room to search for the diamond ring. Roli ask them to find it before Samaira comes here to search. Rishi sees towards the bookshelf and gets happy saying that he found the ring, He run towards it and collided with Roli who was holding some books and the ring box in between them. The box drops down and goes inside the bed without their notice. Rishi sees the bookshelf but gets disheartened not finding the ring. They continues with their search.

Samaira moves towards Kuldeep nervous thinking that he have heard about her plan but to her surprise he didn’t. He ask sorry from her for being late in bringing her medicine while she smirks at Phirki and signs her to go. Samaira hugs Kuldeep acting to be innocent.

Samaira along with Phirki and Kuldeep reaches Shubhra’s room while he says that Samaira must have misplaced the ring. Phirki objects and ask them to search Shubhra’s room also. Samaira agrees to her and convinces Kuldeep. They starts searching while Phirki directly goes towards the bookshelf, Rishi and Roli notices it and doubts her. Kuldeep declares that the ring is not inside Shubhra’s room and plays with him phone. He drops his phone down and it goes inside the bed beside the ring box. He bends down to pick it and notices the diamond box. He gets shocked and shows it to Shubhra. He gets furious at her while Samaira and Phirki smirks. Samaira taunts Shubhra meanwhile Kuldeep drags her out.

He accuses her of being a thief and keeps shouting at her. She swears on her kids defending herself but he didn’t belived her. He ask her to stay away from his kids while Rishi says that he will be with Shubhra only. Kuldeep scolds Rishi and declares to keep the kids along with himself which shocked Samaira. She comes forward and says that she forgive Shubhra. Kuldeep praises Samaira’s nature and continues taunting Shubhra. Phirki says that if Shubhra wants to stay then she have to apologise to Samaira by touching her feets while Shubhra keeps crying.

Kuldeep says that how he will face Samaira? Shubhra bends to touch Samaira’s feet with her nose when Rishi says that he had stolen the ring. He comes forward and told that he was angry at Kuldeep for gifting such expensive gift to Samaira and nothing to Shubhra that is why he have stolen it. Kuldeep gets shocked while Shubhra says that she have stolen it and Rishi is lying to save her but Rishi stays adamant.

Samaira gets irked and says ask Rishi to not lie to save his mother while he ask how is she sure that he is lying? He questions her that if she have also lied about something to defame Shubhra? Samaira goes towards Kuldeep and acts to get hurt. She says that she feels humiliated by Rishi and blames Shubhra for giving him such trainings. Kuldeep gets angry and shouts at Rishi. He goes inside and brings a scale. He ask Rishi to forward his hand and was about to beat him when Shubhra puts her hand above Rishi’s to save him.

Kuldeep ask her to let him punish Rishi but she says that the mistake is hers. Kuldeep fumes in anger while she takes the scale and beats herself. Kids cries seeing her while Kudleep looks on. Later on he moves upstairs followed by Phirki and Samaira. Rishi and Roli hugs Shubhra while tears flows from her eyes.

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