Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th May 2021 Written Update: Veer to make Amrit admit the truth?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Randhir asking Amrit to take pheras. Here, Veer searches for Amrit and asks the servant if they have watched Amrit anywhere. Here, Amrit lets go off her hands from Randhir’s and says stop it, you need to understand that we have come on different paths and we can’t unite. Amrit says we can’t marry each other, the society won’t accept it. Amrit says this can’t happen. Randhir tries to say how we should not think about society. Amrit is about to go but Randhir catches her pallu. Amrit’s blouse tears a bit. Randhir wraps the saree around her. They share a romantic moment. Randhir asks is our love over? Amrit says till my last breath I will always love you. Randhir says even I will, what if Veer himself leaves you then will you come with me? Amrit says you will not do anything like that. Randhir says just say yes or no will you come with me then? Amrit is silent. Randhir says your silence gave ne the answer, you stay in your sincere attitude but remember even I won’t sit idle. Amrit goes. Amrit comes to room and cries. Here, Veer sees that Amrit is not in the hall.

Chachi comes with hair curler on and asks Amrit to help her get them off. Chachi says if Nalini sees us then we would be in trouble. Amrit helps Chachi. Chachi says I want to look like Nagris but I think it won’t look very similar. Amrit takes out the curlers. Veer comes to the room and is surprised to see Amrit. He also helps with Chachi’s hair and says she looks like Nagris. Veer asks Amrit where she was. Amrit says she was in hall reading a book. Veer catches her lies. Amrit goes, Chachi looks at one of Amrit’s earrings. Veer says it’s Amrit’s, Chachi says I know I was just saying. Veer says no one touches anything of Amrit. Chachi goes. Veer thinks he can not let Amrit go away from him and will get to know what’s wrong.

Next day, Veer prepares coffee and spikes it. Here, the kothi owner comes and threatens Vashma as they are in loss and she has to perform. Vashma feels pain but being scared of the owner she decides to get ready to perform. Just then Uday comes. They both land up on a slippery floor. They manage to stand but slip and fall down. They laugh. Uday makes Vashma remember how in past once oil fell in Vashma’s room and they slipped just like this. They laugh. Uday apologizes to Vashma and says it’s his equal fault and I can’t live without you. They hug. Uday says now we will get married. Vashma says the society won’t accept me because of Kothi, I don’t want that kind of life for you. Uday says I don’t care about society, I love you and can’t live without you. Uday says I will take you from here today itself. They hug.

Here, Amrit is getting ready and is emotional remember her momebt with Randhir. Veer comes with coffee and says yesterday you made peg for me so today I made coffee for you. Veer says you cam here by my orders so you will do everything for my order. Veer laughs it off and says see it as my request as I never do such thing for anyone. Amrit agrees. Veer makes her drink though Amrit feels it’s too bitter. He makes her drink 3 cups. Amrit feels dizzy. Veer thinks alcohol always brings out the truth and now I will get to know Amrit’s truth. Veer says we are husband and wife but never got to know about each other. Veer asks about Amrit’s parents and then best friend. Amrit says about everyone.

Here, Nalini tells Randhir about Anandita and how she saw the side of Veer which made her away from Veer. Randhir says so there is no chance for her to return. Nalini says yes and there is that girl too. Randhir says it’s so normal for royal families to marry multiple times. Nalini agrees. Randhir says whose bangles are these. Nalini says of my younger son Prem. Nalini says Prem had a habbit of losing items so Veer snatched it from him. Randhir thinks so from childhood only it was a habbit of Veer. Here, Amrit is about to reveal about Randhir but a servant comes to call them as Nalini has asked them to come. Amrit goes and Veer thinks to stop her or else everyone will know. Amrit goes and trips in the staircase. Randhir saves her.

Episode ends.

Precap: Veer sends letters to Randhir and Amrit to know if they are lovers. He waits to see if they meet up.

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