Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 19th January 2021 Written Update: Uday and Vashma share romantic moments

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mogar, Rajrani, Kiranbala, Amrit and Ranjhan selecting dresses for the roka. Radha and Amrit are going to wear same dress. Radha is very excited since she is going to attend wedding for the first time. She is about to say that Randheer and Kiranbala make a great pair but Mogar sneezes and sends Amrit away on time.

Amrit finds Vashma and Uday practicing a dance to perform together. Amrit teases them. Vashma reminds Amrit how everyone got happy when the two performed together for Janmashtmi seven years ago and Uday says that they will make everyone happy again and then reveal their truth. Vashma is nervous but Amrit says that their destiny is united and good will happen with her friend just like good is happening to her.

Abdul brings namkeen for Brij but he asks for the laddu that Radha made. Abdul reveals him that no laddu was made. Brij understands that Radha and Uday lied to him.

In the evening, Amrit comes downstairs were women are dancing and mehendi is being applied on Kiranbala’s hands. Kiranbala asks Mogar if it was necessary to make Amrit wear her same clothes. Mogar orders her not to complain. Amrit is emotional and happy thinking it is her roka. She dances and then Rajrani asks her to sit and have mehendi applied on her hands. Brij takes Radha aside and tells her that he knows she lied to him about making laddus for Uday.

On the other hand, Randheer thinks Amrit is going to be his forever after a while. He imagines Amrit in his room and makes her wear jewels and chunari staring at her through the mirror. He returns in reality when his father comes and asks him what he is doing.

In the meantime, Vashma and Uday dance together on “Kaali teri gutt” song. Amrit comments that they make for such a good pair and then imagines dancing with Randheer. She is brought into reality by the mehendi wali asking her if the mehendi she has applied is fine.

Brij asks Radha why she lied. Uday lifts Vashma in his arms and twirls with her. Rajrani and Vashma’s mother are stunned. Lala and Iqbal come there. Lala shouts Uday’s name. Brij goes to the hall hearing Lala’s shout. Lala asks Vashma and Uday to stop such a bad dancing and says that both of them have grown up and this kind of dance doesn’t suit them. Iqbal scolds Vashma asking her whether she is aware of what will happen if the guy she is going to marry come to know about her dance. Lala says that if someone thinks there is something between them then he will spend his whole life answering taunts. Iqbal says that he and Lala are friends since years but respect each other’s religion and know their limits. Uday and Vashma are disheartened since they failed to make elders understand their love. Mogar says that she has seen the two glued to each other but they just don’t understand. Brij says that twenty is not such a small age not to understand that two people of different religions cannot be in relation. He asks Uday if he is thinking about a girl. Lala scolds Brij for questioning Uday. Brij asks Uday if he has understood. Iqbal asks Vashma the same. Vashma replies yes.

Lala says that it is Kiranbala’s roka today so he doesn’t want to drag the matter shocking Amrit, Vashma and Uday. The latter two look at the former. Amrit looks at her mehendi. Her hand is shivering. Lala apologizes to Mogar for ruining such a happy moment.

Amrit cries realizing that Randheer and Kiran are going to get engaged. She wipes her mehendi with a curtain and sheds tears merging her back against a wall. Vashma comes to comfort her and wipes her tears. The mehendi wali says that her mehendi got spoilt. Rajrani asks her to apply it again since it is not her roka so it is not a big issue. Amrit walks away.

Brij questions Radha for her lie again. Radha tells him that she ordered laddus from outside since she wanted to show Uday that she is a good mother. Brij notices that she isn’t hiccupping so he believes her.

At night, Amrit and Vashma cries sitting on terrace and merging their backs against wall. Amrit regrets giving her destiny to Vashma rubbing her hands with hers. Vashma says that she might have given her bad fate to her. Amrit says that bad destiny is in women’s fate: they are in hundred of cages, when one opens then there is another one. She wonders when they will get freedom. Vashma asks her to get up. They stand up holding each other’s hands. Vashma says that they will have to fight for freedom and asks Amrit to talk with Kiranbala and find out how the misunderstanding got created while she will go to talk with Uday and find a way. The two friends wipe each other’s tears. They are sure to break the bars of their cages. They hug.

Kiranbala gets scared finding Amrit in front of herself. Amrit asks her if she knows something else except giving betrayal and asks why she kept her in betrayal when she came to talk with her. Mogar comes and says that she wanted to stay in betrayal. She asks who told her that her engagement is going to happen with Randheer. Amrit is about to reply Randheer but stops. Mogar says that everyone knows Kiranbala is going to marry Randheer and blames Amrit for flirting with her sister’s would be husband. She asks if she should tell everyone. Rajrani comes with bangles for Kiranbala. She notices that Amrit is crying and Mogar says that she is crying seeing Kiranbala and thinking that one prince will come to marry her. Rajrani says that Lala will find the best guy for her and everyone will get jealous.

On the other hand, Karam is making Randheer wear his watch. Randheer says he feels like a prince. He says that they should go since Amrit’s family must be waiting. His mother teases him saying he is getting impatient.

Radha takes Vashma to the storeroom where Uday is waiting for her. She asks the two to talk while she stays out. She leaves the two alone. Vashma hugs Uday and cries. He asks her not to cry. She says that she doesn’t know how to live without him. Uday says that he cannot live without her too and wants to pray for their togetherness. He says that he was lonely but she has been with him in every moment and there is no meaning to his life without her. He says that he wants to play hockey because it is their dream and whom he will show his trophies if not her. They hug. Vashma is ready to fight everything for him. Radha overhears them and recalls Brij talking about love magic. Brij comes and Radha takes him out with the excuse of wanting fresh breath. Vashma and Uday fall on the floor and share a romantic moment. Uday sits and makes Vashma sit with her back merged to his chest. He wraps his arm around her and holds her hand. They look at each other and start getting closer. They consummate.

Radha takes Brij to the terrace and says that her breath got faster and heart is beating faster as well. She indicates the moon and says that she cannot understand if moon gets relaxed when cloud covers it or viceversa. Brij asks why he should answer. Radha says that she was asking only and wonders how one feels when true love happens.

Randheer reaches Om Niwas with his family and is welcomed by Lala. At the same time, Amrit writes a letter to Randheer telling him about their misunderstanding and that his engagement is going to happen with Kiranbala. She doesn’t know what to do about the few moments they spent together. She goes downstairs to give letter to Randheer and stops seeing him gathered by family. He is looking around for her.

Episode ends

Precap: Randheer tells Lala that he and Kiranabala won’t be happy if they marry since he loves Amrit. Uday and Vashma exchange garlands and say that marriage will happen in their way. Later, Iqbal announces that Vashma and Farooq’s nikaah will happen two days later.