Roja 19th February 2021 Written Update: Anu’s victory

Roja 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu and Sakshi arrives to register office. Sakshi’s henchman beats the office staff. She brings her peoples to act like office staffs. Anu excuses Sakshi and leaves from there. Sakshi tells to her henchman that he must takes pics from all sides.

Anu calls to Sakshi, she assures to Anu including Registar all are her people. Njanavelu and Sakshi gives the original document to the registar. Roja reaches to register office. Sakahi alerts Njanavelu and shows Roja to him. She informs to him that she wanna hides from Roja’s sight. She already sets everything inside. Sakshi gonna portrays that Roja selling this property to him for money. Njanavelu introduces himself to Roja.

He pretends like nice with her then shares some emotional words to her about ashramam. Roja believes his words. Njanavelu lies to her that he met Shanthamoorthy in jail. Roja dials to Arjun but his phone is not reached. Njanavelu and Roja enters into office. Roja is talking with Registar

Annapoorna and Anu are watching everything through mobile. Sakshi is listening all from outside. Anu says to Annapoorna that Roja unaware of the trap. If she sign in it then her life is over. Annapoorna praises Anu plan and says she is too brilliant. Here Registar asks to Njanavel why did he giving this land to Roja?

Is she his daughter? Njanavel says to him that Roja is like his daughter. He wishes to donate this land for ashramam. Roja feels happy to hear it. Anu says to Annapoorna that Roja gonna sign in the paper not understanding this gonna ruin her life. Registar asks Roja to sign the paper. She hesitates and dials to Arjun. Njanavel says she can talk with him and take the decision. Roja says to him that she trusts him. Roja signs all the papers. Anu and Annapoorna turns to be very happy. They are celebrating their victory. Njanavelu gives 25 lakhs to Roja in the name of donation. Roja accepts it and leaves from there.

Sakshi informs to Anu everything. She turns to be very happy. Sakshi asks Njanavelu to place an board in that ground soon. He leaves from there. Aswin comes to meet Purushothaman. He greets him but Purushothaman lashing out at him. Pooja tries to support Aswin.

Aswin questions to Prema why did Uncle not believing him. He is always suspecting him. Aswin takes everyone to shows his land to them. They reaches there. Aswin says to him it’s his land. It’s market value is around 2crores. Purushothaman questions Aswin when did his name changed into Njanavelu? Aswin shocks to see the board there.

Episode end.