Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st March 2021 Written Update: Vashma and Uday’s plan to run away together fails

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 1st March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Randheer seeing Amrit counting stuff in storeroom and he says that she got the job he couldn’t get. Amrit doesn’t talk to him so he kneels in front of her and apologizes holding his ears if anything wrong has been done by him. She doesn’t speak so he understands he has made a big mistake and starts pretending to be searching for something. Amrit asks what he is looking for. He replies he found her lost voice. He asks what mistake he made. She remembers Zohra Bai saying that she will make him forget his life and asks whether he will really forget her. He recites a poem which makes her smile. She runs away feeling shy.

On the other hand, Uday apologizes crying to Brij who is unconscious since he is about to leave. He says that he loves him a lot. Brij wakes up and jerks his hands away saying that he hates him and is ashamed that he gave birth to a son like him. Radha witnesses everything. Uday goes to her and requests her to take care of his father like she is doing. She holds the hands he has joined in front of her. Brij looks at their hands.

Rajrani and Lala are discussing about how situation is getting bad and people are selling their mansions and properties leaving. Uday overhears them. Rajrani says that none can leave a place where they spent their childhood and grew up. She invites Uday to enter when she sees him. Lala says that younger generation doesn’t think like them and asks Uday whether he will leave Lahore if he gets a good job opportunity out of the town. Uday leaves without answering. Rajrani wonders what happened to him.

Uday prays to God to take care of his family. Amrit comes to him and they share an emotional moment. They hug and he assures her that they will keep her updated. She asks him to take care of her friend otherwise she will get upset with him. She goes to take Vashma.

Meanwhile, Radha asks Brij why she went to that bad place and starts jumping here and there asking whether that woman could do all this. Brij says that she can perform in front of anyone and not only him. He pushes Radha and then leaves.

Amrit reaches Vashma’s place. Vashma tells Zayeda that she is going to Amrit’s place to get ready. Vashma is emotional and hugs her mother who says that she should keep her tears for Nikah which is tomorrow. Vashma asks what if she won’t be able to come to meet them and adds that they shouldn’t think that she doesn’t love them. She cries and hugs her father too. Zayeda says that she will stay in their hearts.

Vashma and Amrit go to the latter’s room. Amrit hugs Vashma crying. Vashma says that if she doesn’t go away then she will die marrying Farooq. She asks whether she should live staying away or die staying near her. Amrit asks her to leave. Vashma gives her a back hug and says that she will write her a letter as soon as they get settled down.

Radha comes and informs them that Abrar is outside. Amrit suggests to hide Vashma in a sack. She brings sack and Vashma stands inside it. Radha asks her to return if something wrong happens and, she doesn’t know about others, but she will accept her for sure. Vashma hugs her and then hides inside the sack. Amrit says that she will inform Uday.

Later, Uday is seen carrying the sack with Vashma inside it but he gets shocked seeing Abrar in front of him. Amrit is witnessing everything from the balcony and gets worried seeing Abrar there. Uday asks Vashma not to move. Abrar turns and says that there are the spices that are going with Vashma’s bidaai in the sacks. Uday denies that but Abdul says that Lala asked them to place these sacks in their house. Uday says that Lala asked him to put this sack in the shop and then asks him to help Abdul. Abrar leaves with Abdul.

Uday walks but dashes into Rajrani. Vashma says that he should be careful and Rajrani seems to have heard her voice. Uday rushes away. Rajrani is confused.

Rajrani comes to Amrit’s room to take Vashma but she isn’t there. Amrit tells her that she went to iron Vashma’s clothes but when she came back, Vashma wasn’t there.

On the other hand, Zayeda notices there is no more money in the box where Vashma used to keep her eidi and there are no clothes in her closet too. Rajrani comes and asks Vashma’s whereabouts. Both Zayeda and Rajrani asks Amrit about Vashma. Amrit says that she wasn’t there when she came back after ironing clothes. Rajrani asks whether she is hiding something from them. Amrit denies that. Abrar comes and notices they are tensed. Zayeda tells him that they cannot find Vashma. Rajrani tells them that she heard Vashma’s voice when Uday dashed with her. Abrar understands that Uday was carrying Vashma in the sack and angrily shouts his name. Amrit cries and prays for Vashma and Uday to have reached station by now.

Vashma and Uday sit on carriage but, before they can leave, Abrar reaches there and stops the horse. He angrily asks Vashma to get down. Vashma looks at Uday. Abrar yells at her ordering her to get down. Vashma and Uday get off the carriage. Uday stands between Vashma and Abrar and tells the latter that they love each other. He asks him to let them go.

In the meantime, the function has started and Mogar is wondering where Vashma and her mother are. She asks Amrit about Rajrani but Amrit replies she knows nothing. Amrit stands near Radha and wishes Uday and Vashma have already left.

Abrar is about to hit Uday but he grabs his hands. Uday says that he loves his sister. Abrar wants to punish him for the same. Rajrani and Zayeda comes there. Rajrani tries stopping Abrar but he beats Uday with rod. Zayeda slaps Vashma. Abrar hits Uday hard and he gets unconscious.

On the other hand, Zohra reaches the “jalsa” organized by Iqbal for Farooq. Brij and Randheer are shocked to see her there. Brij is tensed that she might recognize him and knows that Lala would kick him out of the house if he learns that he went to her. He wants to leave but Lala stops him. Amrit gets worried thinking that Zohra might reveal that they visited her kotha. Mogar knows Zohra is going to bring a storm.

Zohra starts singing and dancing on “Aaj mujhe neend nehi aayegi”. She gets a little cozy with Brij and Randheer who feel uncomfortable. Zohra tries dragging Randheer to dance with her but he shouts to stop all this. Everyone gets up. Randheer asks him not to cross her lines. Zohra says that it is good that he remembers her name since people like him deny to recognize her after leaving from her place. Mogar comes forward and asks why their son-in-law Randheer Raizaada would go to her kotha. Zohra says that Randheer shall answer that. Mogar says that someone with a similar face must have gone to her. Zohra shows the handkerchief with Randheer’s name on it which he left there the previous day. Radha is scard about Lala’s reaction.

Farooq taunts Randheer saying that he was eyeing his fiancé first and then reached Shahi Mohalla. Mogar smirks and recalls plotting everything with Farooq and asking him to call Zohra for dance.

Lala says that it is good that Randheer doesn’t belong to their family: if his brother or son had done this, he would have cut all the ties with them. Brij seems tensed. Radha suggests that they should tell the truth but Amrit stops her understanding that Randheer is silent just to save Brij and his sacrifice will go vain if they speak in between. Lala says to Randheer that he gets to see his new face every day and asks him to get his stuff and leave from there. Amrit is heartbroken. Her eyes well up. Iqbal tries defending Randheer but for Lala what Randheer did is a sin.

Episode ends

Precap: Randheer tells Amrit that he is living thanks to her and the hope to get her. Rajrani stands in front of Vashma with gun on her head.

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