Chithi 1st March 2021 Written Update: Kavin gets disappointed

Chithi 1st March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba apologizing to Kavin. He asks her why she’s apologizing. Venba remembers Yazhini’s challenge and cries. Kavin asks her if she’s crying out of happiness. He goes closer to her, but she slightly pushes him. He asks if anyone said anything to her. She denies. She says she’s not in mood to celebrate anything. She lies that she got a call that her college friend died in an accident.

She cries saying he would’ve excited about their first night, but she can’t as her mind is disturbed. Kavin becomes vexed hearing this. Venba pacifies him. She says that she also loves him lot, but she can’t in mood to celebrate anything. Kavin asks her to go and sleep. He goes and lie on the bed. Venba apologizes to him. Kavin says he understood her situation and being a good husband gave her space. He lays again. Venba apologizes in heart for lying to him.

The next day morning, Venba brings coffee for Kavin. She finds him sleeping. She admires him and wishes to hug and kiss him. She then recalls Yazhini’s challenge and becomes sad. She thinks it’s necessary to bring Yazhini bring out of her illusion, they can’t start their life by hurting Yazhini. She has to daily make some excuses to keep him away from her and she’s certain that he will understand her when he will know the truth. She then tells what are the household works a housewife will do. She says she’s doing everything whole heartily since she considers his family as her and this’s her chithi’s upbringing. She tries to wake Kavin up. As he’s not getting, she decides to come after a while and leaves downstairs. Kavin, who is pretending to sleep, gets up. He wonders that Venba is doing so much work in a day and feels proud of her.

She hears Gowri singing the prayer song. She asks Gowri she knows this song. Gowri says she should ask her this question. Venba says she doesn’t know, it’s like someone teached her, when she was kid. Gowri says her grandma teached her this song and questions if Kavin teached her. Venba denies. She says that she thought Kavin must’ve teached her. Mallika comes there. She confirms that Gowri has been singing this song since longtime and her grandmother has teached it and asks Venba from where she learned it. Venba says she really doesn’t know who teached her this song. Gowri leaves insulting Venba. Dharma, who witnesses everything, prays to God to bring the truth out very soon.

Kavin gets ready for office. He goes downstairs calling out Venba. Mallika and Gowri come out hearing Kavin’s voice. Mallika and Gowri where Venba has gone. Kavin finds Venba in Dharma room. She is giving towel bath to Dharma. Mallika, Gowri and Yazhini come there and fume seeing this. Mallika asks Yazhini to make coffee for Kavin, but he refuses saying he will drink after breakfast. Venba says that just two mins. Kavin thinks that Venba is innocent and his family uses this and gives all household works to her and decides to put a full stop for it.

Gowri is getting ready to go out. She asks Yazhini to give juice and medicine to her dad. Yazhini says she will do after an half an hour since she’s watching her friends wedding via live from London. Venba hears this. She says to Gowri she has made juice for Dharma, so she give the medicine. Gowri leaves. Venba goes to Dharma. She calls him dad. Dharma gets emotional. Venba makes him drink the juice. Dharma moves his finger and tries to sign the cupboard. Venba gets concerned for him and holds his hand asking what happened. Dharma thinks Venba should remember about the locker that he told her in the hospital.

The episode ends.