Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20th April 2021 Written Update: Veer to see Amrit?

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 20th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mohan taunting Nalini. Nalini stops him and Mohan’s wife also stops Mohan. Veer comes and listens to the taunts of Mohan. Mohan says Veer has no fault she is just following her mother. Mohan says only my wife is the royal partner. Nalini asks Mohan to ask for apology from Vijender. Mohan says I will ask for forgiveness from you as many time as you want but not from non royal people. Suddenly a dupatta falls on Mohan. Veer says if you feel shy then wear this and roam. He says etiquettes are main thingbof royal people but you seem to not have a little bit of it, Vijender is my father and rani sahiba is my mother and I will not listen to your ill things. Mohan says if my brother would have been alive then he would have died seeing your this avatar.

Mohan then smirks on Amrit saying refugee bahu. Veer asks how is her chachi? She smiles. Nalini comes and scolds Veer that it’s all his fault and what he wants to prove? Veer says I just want to celebrate the muh dikhayi as she is very beautiful. Chachi comes to lift the ghunghat. Veer stops her and takes Amrit and makes her sit. Amrit worries thinking if Veer sees my face then he will kill me. Veer comes close to Amrit. Nalini stops him. Nalini says it’s my right to see first. Amrit is relieved. Nalini lifts a bit of dupatta and sees. Veer says she has liked the beauty or else she would have started taunting. Nalini says she is beautiful Veer goes smiling. Nalini says I know girls like you try to trap guys from your beauty as you are poor so you trap rich guys.

Here, Randhir requests the gaurd to let him meet rani ji as it’s important. Gaurd says you can’t go in. Veer sees him and asks the gaurd to let him come. Randhir says how he came because rani ji helped him find someone but it didn’t work out. Veer says I don’t know if Rani ji can help but whom are you finding. Veer describes his love and his fiance. Veer says listening to you I believe in love. Veer says come I will help you. Nalini gives jewellery and taunts Amrit. Amrit says I have seen more heavier jewellery than this but my parents have taught me that relations are more important. Chachi smiles.

Veer and Randhir cross the hall where Amrit is sitting but Randhir doesn’t see Amrit. They go and Veer says you describe your love and I will draw her picture. Randhir remembers Amrit and sees the eyes drawn and gets mesmirised. Here, Chachi praises the beauty of Amrit.

Episode ends.

Precap: Uday comes and asks Veer to behave properly with her sister. They are about to fight but Amrit comes and hugs Veer to stop him. Veer says how dare you hugged me. Then the ghunghat slips and Veer is shocked to see Amrit.

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