Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 3rd January 2021 Written Update: Vashma gets upset with Uday

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The episode starts with Ranjan thinking to go to Randheer’s room in order to find a clue about the Ranjan he was talking about at the radio. She removes her anklets before entering remembering that he had found her one anklet when she went inside his room previously. She checks the letters he received.

Suddenly Amrit finds Randhir behind her. He says that she must be there to get back her anklet and tells her that he has also the second one so she would have eventually had to come back if she had left with one only. Amrit says that she was there to know if he really found Ranjan. Randhir says that she will find out at 8pm. He asks why she is so eager to know about Ranjan. Amrit says that whole Lahore wants to know her. Just then, Amrit’s mother calls her. Before leaving, Amrit asks Randheer to give back her anklet. He gives one to her and asks if he can keep one. She smiles and leaves with just one anklet leaving the other one with Randheer.

On the other hand, Uday gets his hockey stick back. The coach challenge him to play without letting anyone snatch his ball from his stick, just like none could get the ball from Dihaanchand’s stick since Uday is his big fan. He asks Uday to keep playing until every drop of water doesn’t fall from matka that is hung there and he will play alone against all other players who will keep changing while he will stay for the whole game. Uday accepts the challenge. Vashma is seen praying for him. Uday plays and wins the game gaining lots of praises for those who were watching the game and also the other players who lift him on the shoulders after the game is over. The coach is proud of him and is sure that he will be a great player for this country. He asks him to get his wounds healed and then return after 2/3 days to play. Uday thinks he has not let Vashma’s trust break.

Later, he goes to the hakeem to get medicine for his wounds but hides when his father comes there and asks for medicine to power up his strength. The hakeem understands and says that he will make medicine for him. Uday overhears them and breaks down.

Meanwhile, Amrit tells Vashma that they have to go to her place to listen to the radio and discover who has Randheer brought as fake Ranjhan. Vashma asks why she didn’t tell Randheer that she is Ranjhan but Amrit wants to know who is the impostor first.

They go to the kitchen where Mogar and Amrit’s mother ask them to help with cutting vegetables. Radha comes and asks which are almonds among the few boxes with dry fruit she has brought as Brij asked her to keep almonds milk ready for the night. Mogar and Amrit’s mother chuckle and the latter asks Radha to put some perfume on her neck. Uday overhears them and gets angrier.

Uday walks away. Vashma sees him and follows him outside asking about his selection. Uday says that he got selected in Indian team. Vashma asks why he is telling such a great news angrily. Uday says that he is like this: most of time he stays mad. Vashma says that she stays double mad and leaves.

Amrit gets into Vashma’s room and turns on the radio. Vashma reaches her. They get surprised hearing a male voice claiming to be Ranjan and telling story. It’s Randheer who is at the radio station and telling story by changing his voice.

Kiranbala tries to turn radio at Om Niwas. Lala sees her and asks why she is struggling with the radio when it is working. Kiranbala asks why Amrit went to Vashma’s house to listen to Ranjan’s stories then. Lala gets angry.

Amrit is getting angry hearing the male voice at the radio. Just then, Lala comes and asks how she dared. Amrit gets scared seeing him. Lala raises his hand to slap her but stops. Iqbal and his wife comes there and asks to let it go. Lala is enraged.

Lala goes back home where Mogar keeps triggering his anger more. Amrit, who is crying, comes there with Vashma who takes the whole blame saying that she took her to listen to Ranjan’s stories but Lala asks where was Amrit’s mind: why she followed her when she knew that he hates Ranjan’s stories?

Randheer comes there and asks if he is angry with Amrit listening to Ranjan’s stories only. He asks if he doesn’t agree with girls claiming their rights. Lala says that he has problems with being shameless. Randheer says that also in their granths devis have chosen their groom in swayamvar so how girls in Ranjan’s stories are wrong. Lala is keen on his way of thinking and says that they don’t want to change their mind. He even joins hands in front of Randheer. Mogar thinks that this father-in-law and son-in-law won’t get along seen the difference between their thoughts. Randheer joins his hands in front of Lala too and then leaves.

Brij asks Lala to let it go since it was only a mistake. Lala says that mistake happened and it should be punished but it won’t be Amrit but he who will get punished since, if his daughter is listening shameless stories, then it is his mistake since he didn’t teach him properly. He announces that he won’t eat or drink anything by Amrit’s hands. Amrit shakes her head crying.

Amrit follows him when he walks to his room but he locks himself inside. Amrit cries. Brij comes and comforts Amrit who hugs him crying. Randheer looks at her from a corner. He thinks there is something in Amrit that is pulling him towards her. Randheer writes a letter to Ranjan saying that he has witnessed a girl getting scolded by her father just because she listened to her stories. Amrit writes a new story as well.

On the other hand, Uday wonders if Vashma has left already. Vashma cries in her room remembering Uday’s words. Uday feels guilty seeing her from window and wonders how to tell her that he threw his father’s anger on her.

Brij is waiting for Radha to come to his room. He covers her eyes when she comes there and says that she will show magic to her today. He makes her sit and asks her to stay silent for one hour and takes vow from her. She swears and stays silent. He asks her to do what he says. He asks her to open her eyes and shows the new kurta he has worn. He then asks her to open the button on his sleeve. She does that. Suddenly he feels something.

Radha rushes to call Lala and his wife. She doesn’t speak but takes them outside. They ask her to speak but she doesn’t and takes them to the terrace where Brij is scratching his whole body. He is shirtless and full with rashes. Lala asks his wife to call Dr Baig. She goes and tells Uday, who asks her what happened, that something happened to Brij. Uday sees him and then rushes to take wet towel.

Dr Baig comes there and says that it is a side effect of medicine. Uday comes with towel and covers Brij. The medicine that Brij took drops from his kurta. Mogar holds it and asks Radha if she gave poison to her brother. Radha shakes her head.

Uday sees Vashma and goes to her. He asks her to stop and tell him that she isn’t upset with him but she says she is obviously upset. Uday says that he was angry with his father and threw the anger on her. She says that relations don’t work like this. She scolds him and blames him for not caring at all. Uday says that he does and asks what he should do to convince her. Vashma asks him to show guts and announce what’s in his heart on terrace, then she will believe him.

Radha notices one hour has passed and speaks up telling Lala, his wife and Mogar that Brij wanted to show him magic of love and had asked her to stay silent for an hour. Mogar and Amrit’s mother takes her away understanding the situation. Iqbal asks Lala to make his brother understand. He leaves too.

Lala asks Brij to be patient since Radha is not escaping. Brij asks what if she will escape thinking that he is not as young as her. Lala doesn’t answer.

Episode ends

Precap: Lala asks Kiranbala to tie his pagdi ignoring Amrit. Brij bashes Radha for talking about their personal stuff outside.

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