Story 9 Months Ki 3rd January 2021 Written Update: People protest against Alia

Story 9 Months Ki 3rd January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sarang calling for help but the person says that he will be able to come after half an hour only. Sarang says it is too late so he asks Alia to try opening the door from inside. She is unable to talk or hear. He lifts up a stone and wants to break the glass of the car but thankfully, before he does that, the ice cream vendor comes to give him back the keys. Sarang drops the stone on his feet.

Alia finally gets out and scolds Sarang saying that one person cannot become ready for a responsibility in seven months if he isn’t now and adds that something could have happened to her because of him. She takes keys back from Sarang and leaves.

Later, Kavya does Sarang’s bandage since his feet got hurt. At the same time, Alia complains about Sarang with Rabia and says that she wanted ice cream badly. A nurse comes with ice cream for Alia who gets happy seeing it and tells Rabia that her car got saved too as Sarang was about to throw stone at it but it dropped on his feet. She wishes he is fine. Rabia asks whether she is tensed about Sarang or angry. She replies that she is obviously angry because he stressed her babies. Sarang is feeling guilty for putting Alia in trouble. Kavya asks him to think about his wound and not Alia’s issues.

The next morning, Sarang asks Alia to forgive him but she ignores him and goes to sit in car. Sarang notices she has hired new driver and follows her car sitting in auto judging the driving. He is glad he is a safe person.

After a while, Alia sits for an interview with Ridhi, a tv show host. She notices Sarang sitting in the audience and messages her asking what he is doing there and how he came to know about her schedule. He replies that he was checking the driver’s driving and decided to stay there. Ridhi tells Alia that she must wait in green room since there are some technical glitch.

Sarang thinks it’s time for Alia’s lunch. A crew member brings lunch for Alia but she feels like vomiting smelling it. Sarang notices that therefore brings fruits for her. Ridhi stops him from entering the green room but he says that he cannot stop him from giving food to a pregnant woman. Ridhi thinks Alia being pregnant is a breaking news. Sarang gives fruits to Alia who likes it. He leaves. Ridhi comes and tells Alia that they can do interview tomorrow if she is tired. Alia accepts. Ridhi congratulates her for the pregnancy and says that her boyfriend is cute. Alia is confused to see that she knows about her pregnancy and clears that she is a single mother and decided to have baby through IVF.

The next morning, Sunita comes with newspaper to Alia saying that there are pictures of hers. Alia gets shocked to read her pregnancy news on newspaper. She checks her phone and reads negative comments about her pregnancy. She gets Scarlett’s call. Scarlett tells her that there is a protest going on outside and suggests her to stay home and not to come to office while they will handle. Sunita asks Alia what she will do. Alia says that she won’t answer those who don’t support her decision. Sunita asks her not to worry as she will cheer her up. Alia gets angry reading negative comments about her baby and decides to do a live interview.

People are protesting against Alia and IVF outside her office. She reaches there in car. At the same time, Kusum argue with Kamleshwari asking why they want another child to handle business. Brij Mohan comes there and asks how she dared talking like this. Kusum complains about how she thinks she needs only food but has not even given her education. Brij Mohan gets angry and wants Kusum and her husband to get out of the house. He throws them out.

On the other hand, reporters start questioning Alia while she comes out. People shout loudly against her. Sarang comes and protects her from the crowd harassment.

Episode ends

Precap: Alia gives interview warning people that she won’t tolerate anything against her baby.

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