Laughter, Dance, Entertainment and a whole lot of drama as Sidharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai enter Bigg Boss

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Laughter, Dance, Entertainment and a whole lot of drama as Sidharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai enter Bigg Boss

The upcoming episode of Weekend Ka Vaar will feature a ton of entertainment, both for the housemates and the viewers. Bigg Boss makes sure that the contestants don’t remain in their comfort zone and throws some new and exciting activities and challenges that keeps them all on their feet!

In the Sunday episode, Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla enters the house and takes the contestants by surprise! Sidharth has come in with some very exciting feedback and questions from Bigg Boss fans who have been keenly observing the contestants the entire season. Their questions are harsh and to the point. Rahul is asked about why he always questions Abhinav’s abilities when he himself has not shown any winning qualities yet. Rahul is also asked about his friendship with Aly is fine but when anyone becomes Rubina’s friend, he refers to them as her chamchas! While the audience questions Nikki on being fake, Sonali is pulled up for not being noticed in the show. Abhinav is also questioned for not playing his own game and always being in Rubina’s shadow. Sidharth also tells Abhinav that he has an advantage being together with his wife, but he needs to play his own game.

After this very serious question and answer round, fun and frolic ensue as Raghav Juyal and Harsh Limbachiyaa enter the house! They not only make the contestants dance to their tunes but they also take jibes at the housemates and enter into a funny banter about who are the actual couple in the Bigg Boss House.

Raghav has a surprise in stock for the housemates. He announces that he is soon going to be hosting Dance Deewane Season 3! To give a glimpse to the viewers, he brings on the dhamakedar contestants Ajay and Shilpa! The two Dance Deewane contestants kick up a storm as they do a power packed dance performance on Naino Mein Sapna!  The housemates are enthralled by this performance and break out into claps and whistles!

The excitement continues as Rashmi Desai and Tina Dutta who have been part of COLORS’ super hit show Uttaran, enter the house to celebrate 12 years of the show. The two also have some tough questions for the housemates. They ask each housemate about who they feel does not have any standing of their own and are using the other housemates to get ahead in the game.  The housemates’ answers are very interesting and paint a clear picture about how the game is being played in the house.

Will the feedback from the viewers change the way the game is being played? Will those contestants who are shooting from others’ shoulders finally play their own, solo game?

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