Lockdown Ki Love Story 15th January 2021 Written Update: Milky tortures Sonam and Nutan

Lockdown Ki Love Story 15th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sonam telling Milky that they are ready to whatever she wants. Milky asks Sheetal to massage her leg. Few men bring wood. Milky says she needs 100 of kilos of sandalwood as it’s to burn her husband. The man says this is sandalwood. Milky asks Sonam and Nutan to sit on the balance scale to weigh the woods if they want money. Sonam and Nutan sit crying. Milky mokes them.

At the hospital, Deeraj expresses his frustration that they don’t have even 1500 to save his brother’s life. Ankita asks to have faith on Sonam. She will arrange for money anyhow and Dhruv will get well. They get shocked when the machines connected with Dhruv start making beep soun. They rush to call doctor.

Milky is making Nutan and Sonam make Dhruv’s funeral arrangements. Doctor tells Dhruv’s swelling is increasing and asks them to arrange for the injection fast. Ankita says she will call Sonam. Milky is checking groom’s profile in matrimony site. She tells they have to act as her family members and do her marriage. She asks Nuttan to phone the groom.

Sonam goes to a corner to attend Ankita’s call. Sonam requests Milky to give the money as they did her work. Milky asks them to take the money. Sonam gets shocked seeing money being hanged. She took a stool to get the money but Milky stops her. She prohibit her to use any stool. Nutan and Sheetal lift Sonam. Milky pinches Sheetal. Sonam falls down. She starts running with the money. Milky sends goons after her. Sonam takes a bicycle and leaves.

At the hospital, doctor tells they can’t save Dhruv, if Sonam comes late. Family cries. Sonam reaches hospital. Goons inform Milky the same. Sonam gives money to doctor asking to safe Dhruv. Doctor injects Dhruv. He says Dhruv is out of danger for now. Sonam cries. Milky comes there. She mokes them saying that they can’t even arrange 1500 how they are going to arrange 50 lakhs. She tells Sonam that she can’t save Dhruv.

Nutan and Sheetal comes there. Milky tells only she can save Dhruv. Milky says she’s giving a chance to save Dhruv. She asks them to come with her as her servants, if they want to save Dhruv. She leaves. Sonam cries holding Dhruv’s hand. She promises to Dhruv that she will make everything fine. Sheetal asks how she will do.

Milky is making Sonam, Sheetal and Nutan do different works. Milky removes her mangalsutra as the groom family will visit her. Milky asks Sonam to remove the funeral things they made. Sonam receives Shashikant’s call. He tells her special doctor has arrived from Delhi and they are asked to pay 5 lakhs in advance. The groom and his mom arrives. Milky asks Sheetal to bring snacks. She introduces Nutan as her mom. Badasa brings the funeral things and asks who did put it backside of the house. Milky gets shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap : Doctor asks Shashikant to pay hospital bill. Milky tells Sonam, Nuttan that they can’t save Dhruv.

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