Lockdown Ki Love Story 18th January 2021 Written Update: Milky’s new trap

Lockdown Ki Love Story 18th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dhruv getting operated and family praying for Dhruv. Sonam assures Nutan that the operation will be successful. Doctor tells the same. Family gets happy. Milky comes there disguised as a nurse. She places a note on Dhruv’s report. She gives to Shashikant and walks away. Nutan tells family Dhruv gained consciousnes and he got his memory back. He asked about all of them. Shashikant tells Dhruv got new life because of Sonam. Sheetal agrees with Shashikant. Sneha thanks Sonam. They all share a hug. Nutan tells they all go back home to prepare Dhruv’s welcome. Shashikant tells he will come later after completing the formalities. Shashikant finds the note and gets shocked reading it.

Nutan instructs Batasa to decorate house for Dhruv’s welcome. Ankita says she will make halwa. Sneha decides to help her. Batasa gives Nutan a letter that has come on Milky’s name. Nutan gets worried reading the letter. She sends Batasa away. She phones Pandit asking him to come home. Shashikant visits the temple. He thanks God for saving Dhruv.

Shashikant screams he has come. Milky comes out. She thanks him for coming. Shashikant shows the note. Milky admits she has written it. Milky says she did very wrong but there’s something that they should know as it’s related to their family. Shashikant tells he has come to meet her for the last time and asks to come to the matter. Milky tells Shashikant something which is muted. Shashikant gets stunned.

Nutan tells the pandit to see Dhruv and Sonam’s gundali. The pandit says there’s problem in their gundali and he warns about an upcoming problem. Pratap tells problems will come and go in life. He assures Nutan they will handle everything, there’s no need to worry. Sheetal agrees with him. Sheetal asks the pandit to tell any remedy. The pandit tells the couple to do a puja. Sheetal tells but Dhruv is still at hospital. Pandit says Sonam can perform the puja alone. Nutan seems worried.

Sonam comes getting ready to perform the pooja. Shashikant brings Milky home. Everyone gets shocked. Pratap and Subhadra question why he has brought Milky. Shashikant tells he doesn’t have any other way, as Milky is pregnant with Dhruv’s child. Family is shocked. Pratap asks what nonsense it’s. Nutan tells it’s true and shows Milky’s report. Sonam says it’s not possible. She reads the report. Sonam tells it’s a trap.

Dhruv can’t do like this. Milky tells Dhuv doesn’t know about it. She was scared that Sonam will snatch Dhruv from her so she mixed sleeping tablets in Dhruv’s drink and consumed their marriage. Sheetal scolds Milky and tells it’s a her new trap. She asks her to get out. Milky cries. She tells she will leave but she will give birth to her child. Shashikant stops her. He tells no one will disturb Milky. He agrees she committed mistakes but they shouldn’t punish her baby for that. Nutan tells they can’t abandon Dhruv’s child and apologizes to Sonam.

The latter cries saying they didn’t think about her nor about her family before taking any decision. Shashikant apologizes to Sonam. He tells they want to give a complete family to Dhruv’s child. Milky is also their responsibility. He tells Sonam can stay here as long as she wants. Sonam decides to leave. She says Dhruv will bring her back. She isn’t angry with Dhruv or with the family. She leaves with her parents. Family kooks on helpless. Milky smirks thinking that she fooled both Nutan and Shashikant.

The night, Shashikant gives tablet to Milky. The latter speaks emotionally and asks if he will take care of his grandchild. Shashikant agrees. He asks her to care of herself and leave. Shashikant goes to meet Sonam. A FB is shown. Shashikant shows Milky’s note to Sonam. The latter asks him to meet Milky to know what she wants to say then they will decide what to do. FB ends. Shashikant expresses his worry. Milky is very dangerous and can do anything and Dhruv is in hospital. Sonam assures him she will handle everything. She further tells she has plan to find out whether she’s really pregnant. They should be careful until that.

The next day, Batasa and Ankita bring Mily’s breakfast and tea. Milky tells she wants ice cream right now. Ankita says she will get it. Milky finds a recorder and gets angry.

The episode ends.

Precap: Milky phones someone. She asks to prepare one more false report which says there’s too many complications in pregnancy. Batasa overhears her. Milky pushes him. Badasa gets hurt. Nutan looks shocked.

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