Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 18th January 2021 Written Update: Anokhi’s stays in the college library

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 18th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Beeji requesting Ramesh to stop Rama but he denies saying he doesn’t care. He asks her to leave. Rama says that it’s not him who is throwing her out but she’s the one who’s leaving on her own interest. She also adds that if he throws her out then she would compensate for all the things she went through in the house.

Ramesh asks if she’s asking for compensation for serving the house. Rama says yes as he never treated her as wife but only servant. She says its her who made Anokhi run away and she doesn’t regret it at all. She says that Anokhi is a better and talented person than himself and his son and one day he would understand it too. She leaves while Beeji tries stopping her saying

who will take care of her and the house. She stops Rama how can she leave her own house. She says which house as she never took stand for her or her kids in the house when they were treated badly. She also says that even if she stays in the house then Ramesh won’t let her live in peace. She’s about to leave but Beeji drags her in forcefully and asks Raja to bring her things inside. She takes Rama in while Ramesh leaves fuming. Vineet asks Bubbly to leave to their home too but Bubbly points that it’s dark. He still forces her to leave.

Anokhi is sitting outside and misses her mom. She wishes to sleep on her lap. Rama asks Bubbly to stay if she wants to. Bubbly says she’s taking from strength from her and Nikki. She says that she will fight her own fight too using the strength. Rama agrees and advises her. They both hug. Bubbly asks if she spoke with Nikki. They call her and asks if she’s fine.

Nikki asks if everything is fine and Rama reveals about her revealing the truth herself. Anokhi panics and asks if father did anything to her. Bubbly and Rama reveals that their father didn’t say anything shocking Nikki. She says she got this strength from her. Aastha worries for Anokhi’s calls Shaan. She doesn’t let him speak and starts scolding him. She asks him to find a place for Anokhi to stay. Rama says about Vineet wanting to take Bubbly home.

Anokhi worries about Bubbly getting punished because of her but Rama says they can fight on their own and asks her not to worry and take care of her. She asks if she’s fine and Anokhi says yes and asks her not to worry. She gets Aastha’s call and cuts the call to attend it asking them to take care. Anokhi attends the call where Aastha says about arranging for her to stay in the college. Anokhi thanks her and Aastha asks her to take care of her.

Watchman lets Anokhi in on Shaan’s orders. He asks another person to open library for her to stay and Anokhi happily enters in. She’s excited to stay in the library. The guy Ravi asks her to leave soon as their job is at risk. She says she will take room in hostel later but Ravi says that it’s not possible as its really difficult to get admission in the hostel than in the college.

Anokhi happily reads the books the whole night. Next morning Watchman panics as Shaurya comes soon to college. He sends Ravi to check on Anokhi while Anokhi is still sleeping. Shaurya is about get some papers from library but finds it locked from inside . He finds Ravi who tries covering up but in vain. He asks him to open the door in a minute and Ravi knocks it. Anokhi wakes up and opens the door and finds Shaurya at door step.

Precap : Anokhi says about her qualifications but Shaurya says that she’s Aastha’s student and asks her to leave the campus soon.

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