Lockdown Ki Love Story 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Raghav tries to forcibly marry Sonam

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The episode starts with Raghav falling down. Otherside Dhruv sits down in shock. Family rushes to Dhruv and holds him. He continues to read Sonam’s letter where she apologizes to him. Dhruv gets up wiping his tears. He says none can do anything to Sonam untill he’s alive. He runs out followed by his family members. Milky takes her phone to call Raghav. Ankita slaps her. She warns Milky. She asks Milky to sit silently untill Dhruv comes back.

Sheetal angrily asks sonam what she did, why she didn’t kill herself instead. She further says she will not leave her. Sonam says Raghav doesn’t deserve to live. She adds she herself will surrender to the Police and walks away. She stops hearing someone whistling. She turns back and gets shocked seeing Raghav alive. Shobakant and Sheetal also look stunned. Raghav calls out Sonam ji. He walks towards her. Raghav sarcastically says she gives very good speech about him. He then shows the bullet proof jacket that he’s wearing. Sonam looks stunned.

Otherside Dhruv and his family members asking about Sonam to the passer-by showing her photo. Raghav says he understood her plan when he heard that Police is looking for a girl with a gun, so he wore the bullet proof jacket. Sonam tries to run away. He holds her by her hand. Raghav says where she’s running. Today is their marriage. Sonam angrily shouts she will die but she will not marry him. Raghav says she has promised to marry him she can’t cheat him now. Sonam tries to release herself from Raghav’s hold in vain.

Raghav drags Sonam to the mandam. Sonam angrily says she will always remain his ennemy. She will not marry him. Raghav asks the pandit to do fast. Shobakant and Sheetal hold Sonam who is crying to leave her. Raghav is about to apply Vermilion in Sonam’s forehead, Dhruv pushes his hand away. A fight starts between Dhruv and Raghav. Dhruv overpowers Raghav and starts beating him.

Shobakant points the gun at Dhruv and asks him to leave Raghav else he will shoot him. Dhruv keeps trashing Raghav. When Shobakant is about to shoot, Sonam throws the gun away. Shobakant angrily approaches to Sonam but Dhruv’s friends come there and holds him. Raghav pushes Dhruv away. He strangles Sonam. Dhruv runs calling out Raghav. He pushes him away and starts trashing him again. Raghav falls down unconscious. Just then the Jaiswal family and Sumitra come there. Sumitra cries looking at her son.

Sonam and Dhruv hug. Sonam tells she has come to kill Raghav but he was wearing a bullet proof jacket. Dhruv asks she could have talked to him. Sonam says Raghav and Sonam withdrew their cases as she agreed to marry Raghav.

Family gets shocked. Sonam further says she thought to kill him and go to jail at least she would have sacrificed herself for their love. Dhruv says enough now, they’re going to marry in this mandap. Dhruv asks the pandit to start the rituals. Raghav gains consciousness. He takes the gun. He gets up screaming. He points the gun at Sonam. Everyone looks shocked. Raghav says if Sonam can’t be his she can’t be anyone else’s. He shoots saying Adieu Sonam. Dhruv saves Sonam and the both fall down. Dhruv gets shot. Sonam looks shocked.

The episode ends.

Precap: Dhruv is rushed to the hospital. Nutan rebukes Sonam and blames her.

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