Lockdown Ki Love Story 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Dhruv gets shocked reading Sonam’s letter

Lockdown Ki Love Story 22nd December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dhruv and Sonam hugging. Shashikant calls out Dhruv. The latter says dad may need his help. He is about to leave Sonam stops him and hugs him. Dhruv says she’s acting as they’re meeting for the last time, they have to spend the whole together. Sonam says i love you so much Dhruv replies with i love you too. She kisses him. Dhruv leaves asking her to come down fast.

Sonam cries saying this is their last moment together. Sonam receives Raghav’s call. He asks where she’s, everything is ready. He has put the mandap nearby her house so that she can easily come. He asks her to come fast. Sonam says she’s coming. Sonam cries hugging at Dhruv’s photo frame. She kisses it. She says sorry and places a letter under the photo frame.

At Shobakant’s house, Sumitra shouts for help. The passer-by hears Sumitra’s voice. They open the door breaking the lock. Sneha is taking Dhruv’s photo. Sonam watches him from upstairs. She says i love you Dhruv and this truth will never change. Milky signs Sonam to leave. Sonam leaves the house covering her face. Pandit asks to bring the bride.

Sumitra comes running to the Jaiswal. She says how the bride can come when she’s not at home. Everyone looks at her confused. Shashikant says she’s also playing game with us. Sumitra says Raghav has planned to forcibly marry Sonam. Dhruv asks why she’s lying. She can’t their happiness. Sonam is in her room. Shashikant calls out Sonam. Dhruv runs upstairs calling out Sonam.

Sonam reaches the spot. Shobakant and Sheetal welcome her. Shobakant says the other Jaiswal family threw her out of their house, but they’re accepting her. She further tells Raghav saved her snd welcome her in their family. Dhruv gets shocked not finding Sonam in her room. He sees Sonam’s letter. He reads it.

Sheetal asks if she changed her mind, why she has come covering herself. Sonam says looking at Raghav she will do what she has thought. Raghav asks the pandit to do fast. He can’t wait more but as Sonam wants to marry with all rituals he has to wait. Sheetal takes Sonam to the mandap. Raghav asks to remove her mask so that he can see her.

Dhruv comes down with Sonam’s letter. Subhadra asks Sonam. Dhruv reads the letter aloud. In the letter Sonam says she can’t live without him even for a second. Though she’s going far away from him. She asks Dhruv to move on forgetting her and their love. She hasn’t have any other option. Raghav asks Sonam to sit to next to him. Sonam takes out the gun. She points the gun at Raghav. He gets up getting shocked. Shobakant and Sheetal are shocked. They asks her not to shoot. Sonam shoots. Raghav falls down.

The episode ends.

Precap: Raghav shoots Sonam. Dhruv falls down holding Sonam. Dhruv gets shot. Sonam looks shocked.

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