Lockdown Ki Love Story 24th November 2020 Written Update: Dhruv stops Sonam from leaving

Lockdown Ki Love Story 24th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Dhruv said to Nutan no parents in this world forces their decisions on their kids. They never tries to snatch away their kid’s happiness just to keep their ego intact. In fact, people stand by their kids and support them. He says look at Sonam and her mother, how she is supportive towards their child. Nutan says if you think she is good then fine but I will keep doing what is good for my child. Dhruv says why will you do things that are wrong and unethical. Shashikant says don’t make new rules for the house or else not only your son but you will lose this house as well. Nutan says I don’t want my son to be a toy of someone’s hand. He says to her you people are offenders, traitors.

Nutan says to him but whatever it is Milky is innocent and she is forced by me to sit in the marriage dias with you and she has no faults in it. He says due to your chain of lies I have become wrong, my love is proved wrong, my relationship, my equations are proved wrong. Dhruv is listening to her lies and he moves towards Sonam and says I am asking for sorry from Sonam on behalf of all. Milky says not behalf of all because I have not done anything wrong that I have to ask for sorry from anyone.

Milky says all forced me to sit in the marriage that’s why I agreed. Sonam says there is an another reason that you get ready because you also love him and everything is fair in love. She says I don’t care about fair and unfair. I know that I am the wife of Dhruv and no other woman can between us. Sonam says I will not come between you both. I am not here to become a second woman, I was here to prove my innocence. I wanted to wipe off the black spot and allegations about myself.

I want to prove that I may have some flaws but I can evolve and learn for the need. She knows what importance all the relationships hold but somehow I failed to convey this. She says however you all are is fine and says I better leave from the house because I love Dhruv and nothing can lessen my love for him. Dhruv says to her you love me still right? Then you will not leave me alone. Sharada asks Shashikant to make Dhruv understand this matter that sometimes it is better to move on with whatever you have.

Shashikant says to him that every day new thing is happening in this house, someone is showing true colors. In such situation how come a girl can stay in this house? Dhruv says I will set things right. Sonam says you are there too when I was telling again and again I am innocent. I was trapped and someone conspired against me but you failed to safe guard me. I was the one who is giving challenges to Milky and today I am only saying we should move on and gets seperated.

Dhruv is not ready to let her go and he is adamant to stop her. He says I will not be able to alive without you at all. I am responsible for your all sufferings, wrong doings. He says I wanted to love you like the whole world will see but I never expected that my own people will backstab me. He says I was miserable to understand right and wrong and now if you go away then I will get suffocated and die. Sonam says I am listening to you and understand also but you are married and now I should leave.

Dhruv says you have relation with me beyond these bonds and I can’t live with this guilt feeling. He says I will fix things right and will marry you today itself. He asks all to start preparing while Milky opposes him. Nutan tries to make him understand but he is beyond insane today to listen to her and says sit with your rituals and sindoor but marriage is about promise and responsibilities, affection and love which I have with Sonam. He says I will take rounds with Sonam today only. He asks all to prepare things for the marriage.

Precap – Dhruv is taking rounds with Sonam in his house.

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