Main Hoon Aparajita 13th January 2023 Written Update: Akshay apologises to Aparajita

Main Hoon Aparajita 13th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Mohini breaking the bottle in anger and hurting her hand. Mohini recalls what happened. Nia consoles Mohini saying she saw how much Mohini suffered with all this happening. Mohini shares her suspicion with Nia that what would happen if Akshay never recalled about her. Nia says it would never happen and says no one will ever forget their true love.

The nurse tries to take off Akshay’s shirt to apply medicine. Akshay doesn’t allow that and asks for Aparajita. Akshay asks Aparajita where did she go? Aparajita says she is taking care of discharge formalities. Akshay asks Aparajita if she was able to do it alone. Aparajita comments on it. The nurse complains to Aparajita that Akshay is not allowing her to take off his shirt. Akshay comments on it and asks Aparajita to apply the medicine. Aparajita agrees and applies the medicine. The nurse says to Aparajita that he needs to apply a hot pack on his wounds as they happened because of frost bite. Akshay asks Aparajita what is the nurse talking about? Dadi comes and makes up a reason. Akshay asks Dadi why is she in a wheelchair? Dadi says she fell down from the stairs when she heard about the news. Akshay asks Aparajita why didn’t she tell him. Dadi defends Aparajita. Akshay says if he has an argument with Aparajita then they will both throw him out of the house. Aparajita recalls what happened.

All the girls prepare to make it look like it is 2003 and not 2023 for Akshay. Disha takes a photo and breaks it. Disha says if this sound is like this then she asks Asha and Disha to think how much Mohini will be hurt when Akshay is not able to identify her. Asha reminds Disha that they should put these photos up and make sure it looks like it is 2003 and not 2023. Chavi says Aparajita is always suffering as Akshay left her and now Akshay lost his memory and Aparajita has to act infront of Akshay. Chavi thinks Aparajita might fall in love with Akshay again. Disha says it will never happen and says Aparajita will never forget what Akshay did. Chavi asks Disha to call Akshay father. Disha says it will never happen as she can never forgive him. Akshay asks Aparajita and Dadi about Manish. He reminds them that he introduced him last month. The nurse comes and says the doctor is calling for them. Aparajita decides to go but Akshay stops her. Dadi says she will go to the doctor. Dadi leaves from there. Aparajita says she will pack his things.

Akshay gets a headache suddenly. Aparajita goes to check if he is fine. Akshay notices that Aparajita is not wearing the mangalsutra. Akshay asks Aparajita where is the Mangalsutra? Aparajita recalls about what happened. Akshay says he recalled that he drank a lot with his friends and asks her if she is angry with him and that’s why she took off Magalsutra. Aparajita says the pearls on Mangalsutra are broken and she gave it to repair. Akshay says to Aparajita that he came here because she took off his Mangalsutra. Akshay praises Aparajita and says she is a blessing in his life. Akshay hugs Aparajita and asks her to forgive him if he made any mistake. Aparajita says it’s too late and covers it up. Akshay asks Aparajita about Chavi. Aparajita recalls that for Akshay Chavi is a 3 year old girl and thinks of what to do. Disha tells Asha and Chavi that they need a 3 year old baby that looks like Chavi. Asha asks Disha how is it possible?

Episode ends.

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