Main Hoon Aparajita 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Akshay rescues Aparajita and his children

Main Hoon Aparajita 23rd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Aparajita saying to others that Chavi and Veer’s phones are not connecting. Akshay says let’s go to save them. They are about to leave when they notice Goons. They run to the kitchen and place heavy things near the door. Aparajita feels dizzy but she says she has to save Chavi. Akshay says we have to save Chavi and I’m her father and it’s my responsibility. Aparajita says they have to escape from here to save Chavi. She sees an unconscious man and tells them that they can escape from the way he came. Asha says it’s risky. Asha notices blood in Nia’s hand and asks her about it. Nia says it’s not her blood. They notice Akshay is hurt. Aparajita ties cloth to Akshay tearing her saree. Disha helps her. Akshay gets touched.

Guffran tells Dadi that signals came. He calls Aparajita and asks if the kids are fine. Aparajita says all kids are fine and we need to rush to save Chavi. Dadi asks where is Chavi. Aparajita assures her that she will save all. Dadi says to Aparajita that she is worried about Akshay. Akshay takes the phone and tells her that he is fine and his daughter saved him. He asks Amma to inform Mohini that he is fine. They hear Goons trying to break the door. Akshay asks Asha to go out first but Asha denies it. Disha comes forward. Akshay asks Disha to take his help and tells her that he won’t drop her and asks her to trust him. Disha tells him she can’t trust him anymore. Goon receives a call from the opposition party leader. Goon tells him that they find Veer and asks if he wants them to bring him. The opposition leader asks them to observe Veer’s moves and he asks them to send Veer video. Goon agrees and they take Veer and Chavi’s video. Chavi says she won’t leave and asks him to allow her to call his mother. Veer says no, as your mom comes here and takes you with her so wait until the moon rises. Chavi looks on.

Aparajita asks Disha to notice if anything is outside by going up. Disha steps on Akshay’s shoulder and notices a ladder is available in outside. Disha goes out with ladder help and asks others to come out. Manish requests Sunil to save Akshay. Sunil says he knows what to do. That time he receives Veer and Chavi’s video. They get shocked seeing it. The opposition leader blackmails Sunil to take back his nomination if he wants to save his son. Sunil pleads with him to not harm his son. Mohini asks Manish what’s Chavi doing with Veer as she is with Nia and others. Nia goes out. Asha cries badly. Akshay assures her that he won’t let anything happen to her. He lifts her then she goes out. Then he asks Aparajita to go out.

Aparajita asks how he will come out. Akshay says he will search for another way. He asks her to trust him and go out. Aparajita is taken aback by recalling his betrayal. Akshay requests her to trust him again and tells her that he won’t let her fall. Aparajita takes his help. She sees the moon and then Akshay’s face. She recalls Amma’s words regarding Karwa Chauth. Amma tells Guffran that they may stayed like a happy family if Mohini didn’t enter their life Nd Aparajita may be done this Karwa Chauth wholeheartedly. Aparajita goes out.

Chavi and Veer break their fast seeing the moon. Veer tells Chavi that he can be er forget this memorable moment. He tries to kiss her but she stops him. Goons record everything on mobile. Chavi tells Veer that they can’t break her mom’s trust. She tells Veer that they need to return home. She asks him to allow her to call Aparajita. Veer gives her mobile. They go inside. Goons decide to stop Veer and Chavi before they left. On the other side, Goons try to break the Kitchen door with table help. Akshay struggles to escape but he couldn’t because of his injured hand.

Episode ends.

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