May I Come In Madam 21st November 2023 Written Update: Kashmira warns Sajan

May I Come In Madam 21st November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sajan questioning a man who is holding his hand. Sanjana introduces the man to Sajan, saying he is a security personnel. She further tells that they have to be aware and alert of the upcoming danger, so they have to do an experiment with Tittu. Tittu shares his idea with everyone. Sanjana tells everyone that if they save themselves from Tittu’s attack, then they will get 5 points. Tittu says if they fail to save themselves from his attack, then they’ll get minus 5 points. Sanjana asks Pyaari to handle the scoreboard.


Later, Ramvati calls Chedilal, but the latter recalls whatever happened, so he decides not to accept her call. Ramvati, on the other side, pleads with Chedilal to forgive her and attend the call. Here, Chedilal remains stubborn in his decision. At night, Sajan and Sanjana leave the office. Sajan is busy talking to Sanjana, so he fails to see Tittu, who is about to attack them. Sanjana, who sees it save Sajan from Tittu’s attack. Pyaari notes 5 points for Sanjana. Sajan asks Sanjana to let him handle the attack. Sanjana agrees. Tittu attacks Sajan from behind. Sajan falls unconscious. Pyaari notes negative 5 points for Sajan. Sanjana calls out the security.

There, Ramvati gets sad because Chedilal isn’t answering her calls. Kashmira asks her the reason behind being sad. Ramvati cooks up a story and shares it with Kashmira. Sajan returns home. Kashmira asks Sajan about his decision to go abroad, which she learned through Bhupesh. She warns him about the astrologer’s prediction. Both Kashmira and Sajan get into an argument. Sajan remains stubborn in his decision to go to foreign. Kashmira gets upset.

The next day, Sanjana is held at Gun Point by Tittu. She screams for help. Sajan arrives there and saves Sanjana. Sanjana gets impressed and confesses her love for him. Sajan gets happy. But it all turns out to be Sajan’s imagination. Sanjana arrives there and notices Sajan’s weird behaviour, so he questions him. Sajan tells her that he is preparing to prevent himself from Tittu’s today’s attack. Sanjana wishes him good luck. She then again saves both herself and Sajan from Tittu’s attack. Pyaari notes down 10 points for Sanjana. Sajan asks Sanjana to let him handle this and tries to enter the lift, but Tittu attacks him, so Sajan falls unconscious. Pyaari notes negative 10 points for Sajan.

Later, Khiloni brings an astrologer to meet Sajan, who can learn if there is any upcoming danger. The astrologer informs that unless Sajan doesn’t get caught, there will be no problem, so Sajan calls Kashmira and tells her his decision to go to foreign. Kashmira scolds him. Ramvati sides with Sajan after the latter tells her he will buy her things from foreign. Sajan cuts the call, but again, Sajan gets attacked by Tittu, which shocks Khiloni and the astrologer.

There, Kashmira decides to deteriorate Sajan’s health to prevent him from going abroad. Meanwhile, Sajan goes to Sanjana and complains to her about Tittu’s attack on him. Sanjana mocks him. She then orders Sajan to try to attack her from behind, but before Sajan could proceed, Tittu attacked Sajan. Pyaari notes negative 20 points for Sajan.

Precap: Kashmira permits Sajan to go abroad and also feed him food in the office. Sajan gets confused. Later, while Sajan is in washroom, Chedilal fights with Tittu, who accidentally enters where Sajan is.

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