Meet 9th January 2023 Written Update: Meet and Meet Ahlawat save the doctor

Meet 9th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat and Meet convincing Ragini to go down the slide. Ragini gets down using the slide. Meet and Meet Ahlawat leave to save the doctor. No 3 sees the slide and goes to it. Meet and Meet Ahlawat sneak attack on him and tie him up.

Meet Ahlawat takes Ak 47 and says they have to save the doctor. Babita recalls what the reporters said. Raj comes and gives the good news that Meet Ahlawat and Meet saved everyone. Raj says he saw in the news how the people are saved.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet come to the doctor and ask him to come with them but he stays silent. The chief terrorist and other terrorists welcome back Meet and Meet Ahlawat. The chief terrorist says to Meet that this time he is going to shoot her. Meet says she knows they would have killed them if he wanted them. Meet says he needs them alive to get out of here. The chief terrorist reminds Meet how Meet Ahlawat came to save her.

Ragini tells the police about the situation inside. The police decide to go into the hospital to save Mr. and Mrs. Meet and the doctor.

Meet Ahlawat points the gun at the terrorists. Meet Ahlawat taunts the terrorist that they are ready to die and says they will kill them before they die. Meet says to the terrorists that No 3 is with them and asks them to swap the doctor for No 3. The chief terrorist agrees to the swap but puts forth the condition that Meet Ahlawat is going to stay here. Meet says she will go and get No 3.

Babita and Raj reach the hospital. Babita calls for Ragini. The chief terrorist asks Meet to send No 3. Meet Ahlawat says they are going to send both of them at the same time.

After the swap, they run away with the doctor. Meet Ahlawat and Meet makes the doctor get on the slider to get down.

No 3 brings the terrorists to the laundry room. Babita worries about Meet. The terrorists stop Meet Ahlawat and Meet from getting on the slider.

The chief terrorist threatens to kill Meet and Meet Ahlawat. The chief terrorist says their death is going to give him pleasure as it is revenge on them because they ruined his plan.

The chief terrorist lights a cigarette lighter and burns the slider. Meet Ahlawat asks the people to stay away. The chief hits Meet Ahlawat. The chief terrorist says demands the police that they will leave Meet and Meet Ahlawat but in return, they ask for an SUV and two army soldiers who will take them to a safe place.

Babita pleads with the police to do something. The chief terrorist says to Meet and Meet Ahlawat that if they don’t accept to their demands within 5 min then he will kill them.

After the time is up the chief terrorist says he will kill them. The chief terrorist says to Meet that he will kill her first. Meet Ahlawat and Meet dare the chief to first him and vice Versa. No 3 says to chief that they are going to first kill Meet. The chief says he has a better idea.

The terrorists hear a bomb blast sound. The terrorists understand that the police are coming into the hospital. The woman terrorist says to chief that the police have entered the lobby.

Episode ends.

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