Meet: Meet attempts suicide?

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Zee TV popular show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with an intriguing twist.
As reported earlier it’s shown, Meet saves a woman who is getting beaten up by her husband as she has gone to work in her factory. The husband tries to beat Meet as she came in between them but Manmeet stops him and teaches him a lesson.

Meet apologises to Manmeet as she raised her hand on him last time. Manmeet invites Meet to come to the temple. Manmeet and Meet while going to the temple run into Sarakar’s car. One of Sarkar’s men warns Manmeet to be careful setting him with Meet. Manmeet warns Sarkar in return. Mahindra’s wife asks Yashoda who is the new bride?

The Shagun’s Chunri gets blown away. Manmeet catches the Chunri and uses it as Dupatta for Meet. Yashoda seeing this says the Chunri has gone to the right person indirectly meaning that it is Meet who is going to be their daughter in law of Sarkar in 10 days.

In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to witness Meet is shown to be jumping into the well thinking of Meet Ahlawat. Manmeet stops Meet and asks her if she is mad. Meet thinks Manmeet is Meet Ahlawat and hugs him. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat not to leave her as she can’t stand the pain of losing him.

Will Meet get trapped in Sarkar’s plan? Will Sarkarpur women’s support Meet?
All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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