Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Sulochona is making things difficult for Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali 23rd February 2021 Written Update

Episode starts with Raghav and Fahad discussing about meeting the custom officer who is causing problems for them and he asks Fahad to fix a meeting with them as soon as possible. Fahad says to him the government officer is showing attitude for meeting but Raghav asks Fahad to invite him in the name of temple visit and asks him to call his wife also.

Pallavi comes to the temple with her mother-in-law and she gets surprised to see a huge line in front of the temple and she wonders what could be the reason of this and she goes in the front and while going she notices an old woman is feeling uneasy to stand for long and she made her seat and asks her to be comfortable.

She comes forward and asks the guard why they have blocked the way for visiting the temple ? He says that a VIP is about to come to the temple for a visit and puja and that is why we blocked entries of common people as of now. She says the person who is not yet present in the temple and you people blocked all of us for entry already for that?

Some other people also got angry and they protested too while Raghav along with the VIP guests arrived at the temple for a visit. She notices Raghav and understands that he is there with someone and can be a possible reason behind the blocking of the temple.

Raghav asks Farhad why people are standing in a long queue? Farhad says I made this arrangement so that they can do the visit without any crowd and interruptions and his wife has problems with so many crows.

Raghav asks him to arrange chairs for old people and give them water and biscuits. Making people stand in the sunlight for long is not a good thing to do. Farhad agrees and says to Raghav he will arrange for it soon and stands outside the temple while Pallavi asks him what was the need to make people go through so much of problems and why?

Raghav moves and notices her and gets angry immediately on the spot and comes close to her and says I was far so I can’t hear what you say? She says making people stand in sunlight for such a long period is not justified and he asks do you think I made them stand like this? She says yes and I know everything while Raghav says you can think whatever you want to think and I don’t care for you.

She says just because you have money in your hands, you will think of god as your private property? Sulochona is looking for money in the room of Pallavi and gets to see that she sold out the golden thread of her saree and she plans something so that she has to sell out her money and will not be able to pay the rent of the shop on time.

Raghav gets into a false position when along with Pallavi her father and also the other persons standing there gets angry and Raghav gets an anxiety attack seeing it and remembers his childhood thing. Later, he gets into a heated argument with the customs officer while Pallavi lands in a false position as she has to delay the rent for buying jewelry for Manasi on her engagement.

Raghav gets to know the officer is making issues for them in the custom and blocking their consignments. While Pallavi asks for 3 days time from Jagadish. Later Raghav arrives at Pallavi’s saree shop and she gets shocked to see him there.

Precap – Pallavi enjoying herself in the family function while Raghav gets a call from Farhad and gets panicked.

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