Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 25th February 2021 Written Update: Pallavi decided to take up a side income for the expenses

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 25th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sharda asking Pallavi to give the jewellery box to her. She wants to see Jagdish present and the elephant and wonders if he is here to tell the truth to his father in law. She tries to talk to him but Sulochana stops and is safe to keep the gift inside her room as it’s more expensive and can get stolen. Pallavi hurriedly keeps all the boxes inside her room and goes to check if he is talking to her father in law?

she comes out and asks her brother-in-law and asks her where is Vijay and goes out to see Jagdish and Vijay are conversing with each other and she gets scared. She thinks Jagdish says everything to her father and he gets to know about the real state of the shop. However Vijay walks up to her and says that you didn’t even tell me and I am getting to know about it from Jagdish who is your to attend the function of Mansi’s engagement.

She gets tensed more and doesn’t know what to say when Vijay says that I am glad to know that your designs of sarees have become popular in the area. She gets relaxed knowing that he doesn’t know anything about the shop yet. Jagdish says that I went there to collect rent and I know everything. Pallavi somehow manages the topic and says to Vijay that we will discuss about this letter but right now let’s focus on the function and my mother is calling you inside for some work.

Once he left she said to Jagdish that please don’t speak up anything in front of Vijay as he is a heart patient and his shop is very much close to him so any thing about it in a negative way will affect him so much. She says this is why I am showing him fake profit from some months and she asks him to give her some more time and I will pay your full rent.

Jagdish says that I am giving you two more days and within that pay my full rent or else I will release this video of you confessing yourself that your shop is in loss and you are faking your account from a long time will be on local media channels and that is my guarantee.

She is going to and fro in thinking about the matter when Milind comes there and asks if everything is ok with her or not. She shares everything with him but in a veil of a different name and asks for suggestions. He asked to take some corporate offers in the meantime to gain some extra profits along with the shop expenses so that she can help her friend and also she can have her own profit as well.

letter on Pallavi goes to search for corporate offers and the first shop she went to is Jayati jewellers shop which belongs to Raghav. She gets scared to see them and tries to escape from that place but in the process she ends up getting caught by then and the jewellery gets stuck to her saree.

She bumped into Raghav but he couldn’t see her face and only eyes but couldn’t understand she is the same person whom he meets every other day. Raghav on another side is happy for some unknown reason. Raghav feels good to see her and says to his employee that she is not a thief because there is so much of honesty and innocence in her eyes.

Later on Pallavi decided to take up a catering order of a centre through a customer of hers and coincidentally Raghav is also the owner of that centre but with a different name. She is about to meet Raghav but due to some emergency he has to leave at the last moment and asks his assistant to hire the person who came for cooking. However, that girl whom Raghav exposed is present there in disguise and vows to make things difficult for him.

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