Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 24th February 2021 Written Update: Pallavi and Raghav meet at her house

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 24th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Raghav entering the shop of Pallavi and she asks him what he is doing here ? He says I am here to shop for vegetables. Pallavi freaks out and he says I don’t have any better answer for this baseless question of yours. Pallavi says this is my shop, my temple and Raghav says customers are like gods so now I am your customer and asks for a saree.

Pallavi is asking her assistant for it but Raghav asks her to show him sarees. She comes forward and is showing him sarees and he is not even paying attention to it. Pallavi understands that he is just trying to divert the topic and is harassing her. Then she shows him her new collection of sarees and he asks her to pack the entire new stock.

Pallavi gets shocked and asks what you will do with all these? He says I am asking you to pack it and Pallavi starts to organise it when he spills tea on her shoe and wash it with her new collection of sarees. She asks him not to waste sarees like this as all these are handmade clothes. He says I bought it all and now it’s all my own property so I can do anything with it.

He stands up and tears some sarees off her and she asks him to stop. He says so you are feeling bad because you are facing loss in business whereas for you I have loss in my work. In the last five years this is the first time when it happened.

She gets angry with him when he throws a bundle of money at her and asks her if you come across my way then change your path but don’t come in front of me for your own good. He was out of the shop but Pallavi follows him with the bundle of money and says to him that the damage you caused to my sarees is equivalent to an amount of three thousand two hundred and fifty. The rest of the money you can take it back however Raghav says whenever I give someone money I do not take it back.

Pallavi says that I don’t take charity, I do to earn my living by hard work and dedication. She keeps the extra money in his hand and goes from there. Raghav is about to confront her again but Farhad stops him and says that she is not like other girls so you can excuse her. He says I have a better idea to compensate for her loss.

Pallavi gets a call from her mother to come home for the function. She goes back to the house with gold earrings and gives it to Mansi and she likes it so much. They all are celebrating and enjoying the function of engagement of Mansi when Pallavi welcomes Raghav at her house. He appeared there with so much stuff and Sharada thinks Pallavi arranged it all for Mansi and she calls Raghav a delivery boy and Pallavi starts to laugh.

Later Pallavi gets scared to see Jagdish in the function and wonders why he is here? Raghav receives a call from Maria and fixes a meeting and asks to keep it secret while Sulochona traps Pallavi in her conspiracy.

Precap – Pallavi is tense due to Jagdish presence in the house.

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