Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 25th September 2021 Written Update: ACP Laxmi Singh questions Pallavi

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 25th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Farhad says to Raghav that they need to start the project from tomorrow also he packed all the diamonds. Raghav tells Farhad that this time the person who will work no one will doubt him and asks Farhad to come he will let him know. Sunny hears everything from outside and tells that they are alone then why they’re talking secretly how to learn and make a drama over this.

Raghav and Farhad hears a sound so Raghav asks Farhad to check. Sunny goes and hides himself. Farhad searches and finds no one so he goes back. Sunny decides to find who Raghav is going to use it to smuggle Raghav. Farhad comes out of the house while talking to someone on the call saying that person that he needs to deliver this parcel so he can’t be there. Vijay comes there and asks Farhad to what happened.

Farhad tells in one of their shop one customer stole a jewelry so the manager is asking him to come over there. Vijay tells Farhad that he will go and deliver the parcel. Farhad gives him money and address. One of the officer watches everything from far and leaves the place. Vijay goes to the market and Sunny follows him.

Sunny smirks and thinks to himself that he knows very well that Raghav agrees to hire Vijay so that he can use him for his smuggling business. Pallavi in the store explains one of the customer about the saree also how it looks on her then she gets shocked seeing ACP Laxmi and other officers there. ACP tells Pallavi that she wants to talk to her something important. Pallavi goes out of the shop to talk to ACP.

ACP asks Pallavi who it is by pointing at Vijay who searches for the address which Farhad asked him to.deliver the parcel. Pallavi says to ACP that Vijay is her father and asks ACP why she is asking this. Sunny sees Pallavi and ACP and hides himself and see their interaction with one another from his hiding spot.

ACP tells Pallavi that Raghav using Vijay to smuggle his diamonds. Pallavi denies it saying for her Raghav may be criminal but she knows very well Raghav would never stoop that low. ACP tells Pallavi that she thought her as a sensible person but here she become blind because of the love she has for her husband. Few police men take Vijay forcibly.

Vijay asks them what they are doing to him he then sees Pallavi and asks her what is all this. ACP tells Pallavi that she will prove her today that she is right about her husband Raghav and searches the bag which is in Vijay’s hand but finds nothing. She also makes the officers searches Vijay. She finds nothing.

Pallavi tells ACP that she knows well Raghav wont do such things. ACP says to Pallavi that before she comes to Hyderabad she promised her higher officers that she will make all the criminals gets punishment. Today she may had a wrong information but soon she will put Raghav behind the bars and leaves the place. Sunny thinks that Raghav is clever person and here he thought he is using Vijay. One of the worker calls Pallavi that manager is calling her so she goes inside.

Vijay calls Farhad and gets angry at him for the way police behaved with him. Farhad apologises to him and asks him to go back to his house and take rest next day he can come to the work. Farhad tells Raghav everything who gets furious at Farhad and scolds him for sending Vijay for the work which he asked him to do it.

Farhaf says to Raghav that he thought he is going to use Vijay for smuggling. Raghav gets angry again and tells Farhad that he is not a heartless person to put someone’s life at risk just like that and tells his wife isn’t understanding then how could he expect him to understand him.

Pallavi calls Raghav but he ignores her call. Pallavi gets worried and tells that she wants to tell Raghav about ACP’s threat then the manager of the shop comes there and tells Pallavi if once again police comes to their shop then she has to leave but Pallavi promises it wont happen again.

Sunny meets ACP the latter asks him about Raghav and Pallavi’s relationship and the love they have for each other. Sunny tells her everything he also tells ACP how the diamonds are important for Raghav. ACP tells Sunny that she will look into this matter by herself. Raghav gives a list of delivery guy’s names to Farhad and tells him that they will help them smuggle their diamond who ACP will never get aware about.

Vijay tells the whole family what happened in the market and scolds Sharda for forcing him to work with Raghav. Sulochana starts talking bad about Raghav but Nikhil interrupts her and asks her not to change her statement about someone often. Amruta also supports Nikhils words and tells Vijay that Farhad will never put him in that situation.

Mansi mocks her but Amruta asks her not to day anything. Milind gets worried and suspicious. Pallavi asks the auto rickshaw man how much time it will take to repair the auto. The driver tells few more minutes. Raghav drinks and recalls Farhads words about Pallavi is in the market with ACP and Vijay. Farhad informs Raghav that they can’t smuggle diamonds because in custom the security has been tightened but Raghav asks him to come over later.

ACP asks Pallavi to get a ride with her. Pallavi hesitates then agrees. ACP talks to Pallavi about her person life she also tells that she wishes to want to be her friend. Pallavi hesitates so ACP asks Pallavii to ignore saying that she understands why she is hesitating then she asks Pallavi to name four five biryani shops in Hyderabad.

Pallavi smiles and says okay. Sharda tells Jaya that she is worried about Vijays anger so she decides to talk to Palllavi. She also tells Jaya that what Palllavi did when Nikhil cheated on the exam to make Nikhil realise his mistake. Raghav hears everything and goes to his room. Through window he sees Pallavi is getting down from a car. He wonders who is with Pallavi and gets shocked seeing its ACP and gets angry.

Precap: Sunny mocks Pallavi. Pallavi calls the worker and asks him to feed the stray dog who are hungry. Sunny gets angry and raises his hand at Pallavi but Pallavi warns him not to think about it. Later Raghav enters his office room in a custom office look Farhaf Farhad gets shocked and asks Raghav what is this. Pallavi gets shocked seeing someone pointing a gun at her. She then falls to the ground unconsciously when the person shot Pallavi.

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