Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 26th February 2021 Written Update: Raghav is happy that his mother is coming home

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 26th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi getting a call from her mother-in-law asking her to be present in the function at Rahul’s place but she denies it and says I have some important work there to do and somehow made her feel comfortable about it. On the other side, she is trying to contact people so that she can get some help but unfortunately no one is available for her to be there.

She buys vegetables from the market to make food for the old age people and unfortunate Sulochona gets shocked to see her while going to the house of Rahul. She wonders why she is buying so many veggies at a time whereas ration is all set and intact in the house and she gets down from the car speaking a lie to Milind and says I will come sometimes after with my daughter.

On the other hand, Raghav reaches the house of his mother and talks to her regarding her health and asks her to have glucose. She refuses his concern and asks him to leave her and her family alone as she is not okay with him being concerned about her matters and taking part in the things regarding them.

He asks her to come with him and says to Keerthi to make her understand his point since she listens to you. He says at least this much you can do for the sake of her health and Keethi says to her mother to listen to what Raghav is saying as he is right at this point.

Pallavi comes home and starts cooking and she starts with washing the vegetables and as soon as she is trying to cook, she realises the gas is not working and the cylinder is empty. Co-incidentally the other cylinder is also empty and she couldn’t understand how it happened and she calls many people to find out if they have any extra cylinder with them or not since she needs it urgently. While Sulochona is watching everything from the corner and is getting happy.

She recalls how she came to the house from the market and made the cylinders empty intentionally to make it almost impossible for Pallavi. She looks here and there and finds a small earthen oven and thinks that Sharada keeps it with care and today it is going to help her. She starts to look for a dry piece of wood so that she can lamp the oven and then she finds some solid wooden cardboards and she buys them and starts cooking in the oven.

Raghav is happy that his mother is ready to come to his house finally and he is super excited about it and says to Farhad that he will renovate the entire house according to the wishes of his mother and asks Farhad to make all the arrangements accordingly.

He says I am so happy to see you happy after so long and Raghav says to him I am happy because finally after long years of wait my mother will come and stay with me and he says to Farhad that you need to come with me so that I can buy stuffs for my mother on my own.

He is taking hourly updates from Farhad who is waiting outside of his mother’s house. He says she is having food now and Raghav recalls how she used to feed him phirni made by her own hands and misses it now since years he hasn’t had it. His mother says to Raghav that I am coming due to Keerthi’s request and I have nothing to do with you.

Pallavi successfully cooks everything in the oven finally all alone and gets the food ready on time and gets happy and thank god that she is able to do it with his blessings but at the same time her family members come there and gets shocked to see the food containers while Sulochana is shocked to see that she managed to make food after all that.

Precap – Pallavi goes missing from her own house and no one is able to find out about her.

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