Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 27th February 2021 Written Update: Pallavi paid the rent of her shop finally

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi successfully completing the order for the old age home. Pallavi’s family members ask her about the tiffin carrier and at the same time the lady appears at her house and asks if the food is ready?

She says to her family the catering service provider turn down the offer of making food at the last moment and that is why we all were so worried but Pallavi comes as a blessing for all of us and helped us in the last moment by taking the order of making food for all. Her family members get happy to know this and Sharada says to her if you could have told me then I will stay back to help you out.

Pallavi says the work was not that much having that I need your help so that is why I didn’t bother you and I was enough to do the work alone. She says to the woman that she kept the rest of the food items and other stuff in the auto itself and goes with the lady to that old age center.

In the evening all reached the centre while Raghav also came there to check the arrangements. The lady says to Pallavi that she needs to ask if he wants to meet her or not. Pallavi gets to hear that someone is talking to Mr. Ramaswami behind her and she decides to meet him and thank him personally for giving her the contract.

She goes to thank him and calls him from behind and Raghav immediately understands that it is Pallavi standing behind him but she isn’t able to recognise him. she sells him thank you for giving her the order and making her a part of this program.

Raghav is about to turn when someone spreads red colour on his face and colour Pallavi fails to recognise him but somehow she feels that she has seen him somewhere. She says that she really needed this order to fulfill some of her needs and he allows her to cook for these people and she can’t be thankful for that. Someone comes and asks Raghav to wash the colour of his face.

On another hand, Pallavi is distributing food when the lady goes up to Raghav and says that everything is done and Pallavi helps them a lot by taking the order and talks about her and how she manages things single handedly in her family and Raghav gets impressed with her description.

He also notices her giving food to the old age people with so much happiness and involvement and concludes that she is not a bad person the way he used to think. On the other side, Pallavi gets her full payment and she gets happy and also she gets a gift from Raghav side too. She leaves from the centre after giving them the separate box of tiffin for the owner without knowing that it is spiked by the woman already.

Later, Raghav feels dizzy after eating the food by her hand and gets more impressed that she cooks really well specially the phirni. The lady comes inside his room when he falls asleep due to the effect of medicine and clicks some pictures of him with her to defame him.

The next morning Pallavi successfully paid the full rent for her saree shop. But Jagdish was not ready to delete the video of her from his phone hence she tricked showing a video of his corruption and says I can be a needy person but not helpless. Jagdish finally deleted the video and Pallavi leaves and meets the girl outside of the news office.

She thanked Pallavi for being a help and Pallavi doesn’t understand how she knows her. Later Raghav shares with Farhad how Pallavi made food for all and gets an invitation for the entrepreneur of the year award function. Pallavi comes to his house to pay him his money back and bumped into him again.

Precap – Raghav kidnaps Pallavi from her home and ties her with a chair.

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