Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Raghav vows to make Pallavi regret her doings

Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali 2nd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi and Mansi dancing on an item song while Sharada and Sulochona are fighting with their husbands in their room. They came out from the room after listening to the song and said to them what you are doing?

Pallavi says we are just practicing for the sangeet ceremony of Mansi and Mansi says I am going to perform on this particular song only as this is my favourite song and Pallavi also nods to it knowingly that both of the elder ladies will get angry to listen to this. Sulochona says who dances on this song too in their own marriage ceremony and asks her to perform on some soft song as she is the bride.

Sharada suggests to dance on songs like “mehendi hai rachne wali ” while Sulochona says that song is quite old now and all of them dance on “Navrai Majhi ” and enjoy the moment and all are enjoying themselves. Suddenly the power of their house is gone and all of them get surprised when they realise that it is only their house which had a power cut and Pallavi goes to check the meter box to fix the problem as she is unable to understand what happened suddenly.

She is proceeding towards the meter room and notices some shadows and gets scared but gathering all her courage together she proceeds further and reaches the meter room to check the fuse when she notices there is a shadow just behind her and she turns around and gets shocked.

She opens her eyes and finds herself in the middle of a road tied with a chair and there is a cloth piece in her mouth. She is trying to free herself and looks here and there when Raghav comes in front of her and she gets shocked and scared to see him.

He removes the piece of cloth from her mouth and asks her how much money Anjali gave to you to do the job against me or you are teaming up with her to take revenge from me? Pallavi gets confused and says who is Anjali ? I don’t know anyone with such a name but he refuses to believe it at all and shows her the pictures of her and Anjali and she says she just bumped into me outside of the media house that day.

I don’t know her personally at all to do any conspiracy and he says then you are the one who brought that spiked food for Ramaswami in that ashram that day? She says no, I didn’t spike any food and asks him how did you know about Ramaswami? He says to her just answer whatever I am asking and says nothing extra at this moment.

He left her in front of a running track and she got scared and closed her eyes, later she came back to the house in all distraught state and fainted at the entrance only. Raghav asks her to leave the city and go away from here overnight and she hides the whole thing from her family fearing about the consequences.

The next morning Raghav reaches the hospital with blood but his mother denies to take his help and gets more ill and Raghav vows to make the life of Pallavi a living hell while Pallavi thinks how she will tackle the entire situation without hampering the marriage functions of Mansi.

Precap – Raghav buys the saree shop and Pallavi comes to his house to have a word with him.

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