Pandya Store 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Gautam pacifies Suman

Pandya Store Spoiler: Gautam and Dhara get shocked seeing the video message of Shiva
Pandya Store Spoiler: Gautam and Dhara get shocked seeing the video message of Shiva

Pandya Store 2nd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara remembering kaka’s words while cooking. She smiles. The kids come there and try to take away all the utensil. Dhara notices them and asks them to put it back, but they leave taking it. They wash the utensils and starts playing with the water splashing on each other.

Dhara comes there and asks them to stop. Her foot slips due to the water and she is about to fall, the kids try to hold her and the four fall on the ground. Suman comes there and watches them. Shiva calls her di and asks if she’s fine. Dhara asks them to call her bhabi since she got married to Gautam. They agree and happily calls her as Dhara bhabi.

Suman says this drama will start for few days, then this forced marriage will get broken, she will bring new bride Gautam and asks them to call her bhabhi. The kids say they don’t want another bhabi since they like Dhara and hugs her. They sing a song for her. Gautam comes there. Krishn says that Gautam got married to Dhara so she’s their bhabhi. They hug her while Gautam smiles looking at them.

Dhara shows the money thrybearned from the wheelshop to Suman and asks her to keep it with her. Suman taunts Dhara and refuses to take it. Dhara takes her blessings and leaves from there. The next day morning, Gautam sits for the breakfast. Dhara calls the kids to have food. The trio start laughing.

Gautam asks them what’s the matter. Shiva reveals that Suman is looking for a new bride for Gautam and gave 500 to get girl’s photos. Gautam looks shocked. Suman denies it. Dhara reprimands shiva. Suman says Dhara instigated her child against her and refuses to have the food and goes back to her room.

Prafula puts the jewels between the clothes. Jagath brings the mill’s file to study. He is explaining Prafula while Prafula falls asleep. Suman is seen talking to her husband’s portrait. She says she’s scared that Dhara take her place in this house. Gautam comes there. He assures none can take a mom’s place. Suman asks Gautam to leave Dhara. He says that he married Dhara, she’s his wife, she’s a good and maybe she also knows it. He hugs his mom.

The goons come to the wheelshop and ask Dhara to give the profit money of wheelshop and argue with Dhara. Gautam warns the goon and asks them to speak with respect to his wife. He says they don’t have any rights on this shop’s profit since it’s on the road. He asks them to leave else he will call the police. They leave. Dhara asks what if they come again. Gautam says they have to answer them in their own language.

The next day, kids have come to the shop as it’s Saturday. Dhara feeds them the breakfast. Two women notice them. They taunt Dhara and leave from there. Shiva tries to lift a heavy bundle. Dhara stops him and cleans his face with her saree. The same women ask Dhara if she hasn’t thought of having her own kids and leave.

Dhara and Gautam get shocked seeing the municipality’s car coming. The goons say they have to pay tax to municipality. Dhara, Gautam and the kids hurriedly put all the things into the shop. The kids ask Dhara to sit on the wheelshop. She does so and they push it. Gautam smiles seeing this.

The episode ends.

Precap: Gautam and Dhara are dancing while a man sneaks into Gautam’s house. He makes Suman unconscious and steals the jewels.

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