Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali: Deshmukh’s to know about Raghav and Pallavi’s marriage?

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In viewers favorite show Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali now Pallavi has no other options left but to marry Raghav now it will be interesting to see what’s going to happen next.

In previous episode we had seen that Raghav trapped Nikhil. Harish asked Nikhil to deliver the parcel. Pallavi saw Nikhil and questioned why he is here. Nikhil told Pallavi he is Waiting for his friend. Pallavi got a call from Sharda saying Raghav is in hospital. Pallavi asked Raghav why he is here. Raghav told Pallavi that he planned to ask Vijay and Sharda’s permission for their marriage. Pallavi thrown the basket and asked Raghav to leave. Pallavi saw Police running behind Nikhil and asked them to not to arrest Nikhil. Inspector informed Pallavi the reason behind Nikhil’s arrest. Pallavi refused to believe that Nikhil done something illegal. Raghav praised Harish and gave him leave and asked him to go to his village to spend some time with his family. Krishna brings lawyer for Nikhil. Pallavi said Nikhil to not to worry.

Pallavi realised indeed what Inspector told about Nikhil was true. Nikhil apologised to Pallavi and asked her not to tell this to Vijay and Sharda. Lawyer asked Nikhil about his boss. Nikhil gave Harishs number but it was switched off. Nikhil begged Pallavi to help him. Lawyer told Krishna and Pallavi he don’t want to take this case anymore and left. Pallavi blamed herself for Nikhil’s arrest. Krishna told Pallavi to not to blame herself. Pallavi said that she is going to bring Nikhil outside at any cost. Sharda called Nikhil and wondered why he was not picking the call.

Farhad asked Raghav what if Pallavi succeed taking Nikhil out of the prison without his help. Pallavi informed Sharda about Nikhil’s arrest. Milind offered help to search for a lawyer. Pallavi and Milind failed to convince a lawyer for Nikhil. Krishna called Pallavi and told that one of the Raghav’s mens name is Harish. Pallavi get shocked learning this new found information. Raghav praised Pallavi for finding his plan.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Raghav will ask Pallavi to marry him. Pallavi will ask Raghav why he is forcing and what kind of benefit he is going to get from their marriage. Pallavi will to Raghav she is not a weak person and will bring Nikhil out of the prison without his help. Raghav will say to Pallavi that he will wait for her call.

Raghav will give sweets to Keerti. Keerti will ask Raghav to not to put Pallavi in a helpless situation. Raghav will say he will do anything to stay with Jaya and Keerti. Keerti will request Jaya to not to ruin Raghav and Pallavi’s life because of her stubbornness. Sharda will inform Pallavi about Vijays health condition. Doctor will say Vijay had a mild attack. Sharda will say to Pallavi Vijay is asking for Nikhil. Pallavi will promise Sharda to bring Nikhil out of the prison. Pallavi will threaten Inspector for putting false accusation on Nikhil.

Inspector will warn Pallavi. Krishna will say to Pallavi her cousin may help. Pallavi will say she has only one options left. Raghav will say Pallavi he will meet her. Raghav will ask Pallavi is she is ready for the marriage. Pallavi will recall her conversation with Krishna. Pallavi will say to Raghav this marriage is a deal for him and she will also take this marriage as a deal.

Will Jaya get to know about Raghav’s deal for Pallavi?

What will be the reaction of Deshmukh’s after Raghav and Pallavi’s marriage?

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