Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2: Pratigya to ask meera to marry Krishna?

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In viewers favorite show Pratigya 2 now Pratigya is fighting her internal battles and worries about her family after her death and Sumitra asking her to choose a life partner for Krishna it will be interesting to see what happens next in Your favorite show.

In the current track it shown that Sumitra says to Pratigya that she is happy seeing Meera taking care of the kid very well. Sumitra says that she wants Pratigya to give her place to Meera in the family. Pratigya asks Sumitra what she wants from her. Sumitra cries and says that she is begging for her son and family’s happiness and she asks Pratigya after her death who will take care of her kids and Krishna.

Pratigya tells it’s not easy to convince Krishna because he thinks from the heart. Sumitra asks Pratigya to do something that will bring Krishna and Meera closer. Pratigya cries and says how could she give the most precious people in her life to someone else. Adarsh helps Komal and gets hurt. Komal applies ointment to Adarsh’s wound. Shakti comes there and warns both Adarsh and Komal. Adarsh leaves the place asking Shakti to talk to Komal nicely.

Krishna gets happy seeing the bed arrangements and Thanks Pratigya. Pratigya says that she isn’t the one who done this. Meera sits infront if god idol and Thanks for giving her the chance to meet Krishna. Meera says just like Krishna whayever he done for Pratigya she will also do anything for Krishna.

Pratigya comes and sees Krishna’s picture nearby God’s idol. Meera apologises to Pratigya for crossing her limits. Pratigya recalls Sumitra’s words and thanks Meera for taking care of everyone.

Shakti cuts his hand deliberately and asks Meera to put him ointment. Meera warns Shakti. Krishna asks sweets after he had his food. Pratigya tells no because doctor said so. Meera brings sweet to Krishna and asks Pratigya to not act too strict as it is one time and nothing will happen eating one time. Krishna leaves the place saying whatever Pratigya does is for his goodness only. Pratigya advices Meera saying making someone happy and taking care of them is a two different things.

Meera apologises to Pratigya and says she won’t repeat this again and leaves. Sumitra says to Pratigya that see Meera is listening to her words and she is good for Krishna. Pratigya says to Sumitra that she is right.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Krishna will go to terrace and hugs Meera thinking it’s Pratigya. Krishna will drag Meera inside the house and accuse her. Meera will cry. Pratigya will defend Meera. Pratigya will say to Krishna she is the one give her saree to Meera. Krishna will look shocked.

Will Krishna get to know about Pratigya’s illness?

Will Pratigya find about Sumitra’s evil plan?

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