Mehndi Wala Ghar 27th March 2024 Written Update: Manas seeks Janki’s advice to impress Mauli

Mehndi Wala Ghar 27th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mauli praying God to unite the Agrewal brothers and also bring happiness in Jyoti’s life on the occasion of Holi. She then gets shocked seeing Manas beside her. Manas pleads with Mauli to forgive him, saying that he is genuinely trying to get her forgiveness. Mauli gives him prasad, and then she leaves from there. Manas thinks in his mind that if Mauli ignores him, then she will become the bad person in front of the family. He also pretends to wipe off his tears, seeing that Janki maa is looking at her.

Later, Manas puts up an act in front of both Janki maa and Hari, saying that Mauli is acknowledging his efforts. He then inquires with them about their love story, and he seeks their advice. Janki maa pulls the legs of Hari by recalling their old days. She then tells Manas that they can’t able to help him, but someone can then take her with him from there.

Rohit and Samay have a conversation about the girl Samay likes in his class. Janki maa arrives there with Manas. She asks Rohit to give some tips to Manas so that he can able to impress Mauli. Rahul learns that Manas is planning to impress Mauli, so he taunts Manas in the name of advice. Manas remains silent. Tanvi calls Rahul so he leaves from there. Rohit instructs Manas to impress Mauli by giving her a flower. Janki maa likes the idea, so she informs Manas about Mauli’s favourite flower. Also, she gives him some money. Rahul sees everything from far away, and he gets upset.

Akshay decides to burn one of the old chairs, but Ajay reminds his brother’s it’s his chair.” They reminisce their old times. Vijay gets irked by Manoj’s words, while Akshay thinks in his mind that he is aware of the true intention of his brother’s. Meanwhile, Rahul reads news about a wife killing her husband with a tool. He then sees Mauli, and Jyoti is having a discussion. Rahul misunderstands that Mauli is planning to kill Manas, so he gets determined to stop her.

Rahul follows Mauli to the godown. He tells her that he won’t let her kill Manas. Mauli gets shocked, so she scolds him for thinking in such a way. She also recalls having a discussion with Jyoti about her plan to make the Agrewal brothers wear the same colour kurta during the occasion of Holi. But Jyoti informs her the dress shops are closed due to Holi. At present, Mauli tells Rahul about her plan to unite the Agrewal brothers. Rahul shares with Mauli about Manas’s attempt to impress her. Mauli asks him to leave her alone, saying that she gives a chance to Manas for Manoj’s sake. She then focuses on taking a cloth to sew kurta, but she falls on Rahul.

Janki maa, Swara, and Tanvi hear Rahul’s sound, so they rush to the godown, followed by Ajanta. All of them get shocked seeing Rahul and Mauli’s closeness. Manas arrives there. He gets happy that Mauli digged her own grave. He puts up an act of unaffected by Rahul-Mauli’s closeness, which impresses Janki maa. Later, Mauli advises Manas to act normal, but she grows suspicious of his intentions, so she returns the bouquet and then leaves. Manas decides to turn Janki maa against Mauli to get succeed in his plan.

Precap: Janki maa scolds Mauli for going against her and Akshay’s decision. Manas puts up an act. Rahul asks Manas to stop his act.

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