Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th August 2020 Written Update: Swara gives Kabir a sweet surprise

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 14th August 2020 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Amber is overexcited to inform Hakim about his and unit conversation of last night. RV comes inside with his cycle and he is doing a circle around Amber while he is talking to his friend Hakim. Amber is getting irritated with his presence but RV said that I already know what you want to tell your friend that you got some reply from your lover and you two are going to meet each other. Amber gets caught by him but he still remains normal and tell his friend about his conversations with Guneet but Hakim is in hurry for his clinic so he said that he will call him up later in a day and you will have the details with full-time and concentrations. RV says to Amber that you are doing so much hurry in your love story. Let her speak and take out her anger and frustration for you when she will be free from this feeling then only she can show her love for you. Amber says to him that I am having my eyes on you and your intentions but this time his voice has a sense of admiration for him.

Niya calls her friend Kajal and asks her to visit the house of Kabir and bring the file of office work. She said that it doesn’t matter anymore about whom he loves because I have decided to focus on my career only. She also says that kabhi must be alone at his home and I shouldn’t be there because it will create a very awkward situation for both of us. Kajal says both of you were best friends so what happened suddenly? Niya asks her to please go and have the file from the office. Guneet informs her friend that she must have taken a wrong call by agreed to meet Amber. She tries to convince her that she was not wrong in doing so. Swara comes to the house of Kabir while he is sleeping with breakfast to give him a surprise. Kabir wakes up from his sleep with the sound of the doorbell and Kajal comes in and asks for the office file. Kabir and Kajal had a conversation regarding the relationship and feelings for Kabir and Niya. Swara overhears their conversation but then she was all ok as Kabir decided to be with Swara.

RV gets a letter from an unknown person and he gets really worried about it and he goes out of the house without telling anyone. Niya gets a message later on that the mentorship class for the day is cancelled. She gets worried about the sudden change of behaviour by RV. Guneet comes to meet Amber and he says that they are going to spend time with each other in their house only because that is the place where they met for the first time. He has done some nice arrangements for her and she also enjoys all of these and gets nostalgic. He has made the cinnamon coffee for her both of them and are listening to the old 90s song together. Later on Guneet asks Amber about what he wants to vonverse with her.

Precap – Guneet admitted to Amber that she also used to love him and has similar feelings for him.